Mr. Anupong Bhodiyothin

Mr. Anupong Bhodiyothin
Director ľ ANP Audit Group Co., Ltd.

In my early 40s, working life involved seven to eight hours on computer screen per day. I started to see blurred images of near and far objects. The vision problem led to eyes strain and so, I had to get my eyeglasses made from an optical store near my place. They advised that I got progressive eyeglasses since my problem was a combination between nearsightedness and farsightedness.

The first pair of progressive eyeglasses that I got was not that impressive. The eyeglasses did not deliver clear images. I could not tell what the problem was, it could be me failing to adjust to the eyeglasses or something. Therefore, I went to a new optical place and got myself a better pair of lenses, however, the problem still existed. It was not easy living with those eyeglasses.

During my vision problem crisis, I was a frequent flyer with Nok Air. One day, while on board, I read an in-flight magazine and found this article about progressive eyeglasses from ISOPTIK. Later on, I decided to call them up for an advice regarding my problem, and finally made an appointment to visit.

I had never been through a comprehensive eye examination quite like the one I had when the first day I visited ISOPTIK. It took longer than an hour. Lenses testing was very thorough. I waited for about 45 days to get The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses. The very first day I tried them on, I instantly felt that I had already found the key to live a happy life! Bobi did a great job in catering to my needs for a pair of eyeglasses that would enable me to work, play sports, and do activities that I enjoy at my fullest potential. Never before had I been able to play sports with my eyeglasses on. That had completely changed! I can wear my eyeglasses on playing golf. I am a better golfer now with my eyeglasses on!

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