Gen. Seri Phukkamarn

Gen. Seri Phukkamarn
Advisor to the president of Sripatum University

Back when I was about 46-47 years old, I was an architect. Work involved a lot of high precision drawing and designing. I relied a lot of my eyes to read and to draw.

I came to ISOPTIK for advise hoping to get a good pair of eyeglasses made. I had no doubt whatsoever that I had come to the right place. The eye examination the staff conducted was very comprehensive and detailed. The techniques and modern tools applied were nothing I had experienced at the other optical clinic, where only one set of computer was used to analyse and test my vision. It took me about three hours to get my eyes and vision examined here at ISOPTOK. It was very well organized. The lenses that come with my eyeglasses received from ISOPTIK are wonderful. They deliver the crystal clear vision at all distances without any image distortions. In addition, they also deliver the ultimate wearing comfort that I feel as if these eyeglasses were an actual part of body.

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