• image Mrs. Jan Gibson

    Mrs. Jan Gibson

    2023-09-02 Views 577

    “ With good glasses it makes it easy. I'm not straining my eyes and they're not tired or sore at the end of the day. ”

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  • image Wichit Siritattarong, M.D.

    Wichit Siritattarong, M.D.

    2023-07-01 Views 473

    “ Work faster, lessen fatigue, improved your energy like when you were young. Live your life much happier.”

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  • image Ms. Nong Arunosha Phanuphan

    Ms. Nong Arunosha Phanuphan

    2023-07-01 Views 510

    I had a short-sightedness since school age. I've been wearing eyeglasses all the time.

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  • image Professor Avudh Srisukri

    Professor Avudh Srisukri

    2023-07-01 Views 527

    “ ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses, my eyes were like returning to my youth again. ”

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  • image Ms. Sukunya Pratumaneechai

    Ms. Sukunya Pratumaneechai

    2023-07-01 Views 490

    “ Go anywhere without moving your eyeglasses. After wearing it, it's in place. like sometimes forgetting that I wear eyeglasses ”

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  • image Mr. Suntawatt Sinacharoen

    Mr. Suntawatt Sinacharoen

    2023-07-01 Views 494

    “ Happiness can’t be valued in money ”

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  • image Ms. Varisa Phantasuporn

    Ms. Varisa Phantasuporn

    2023-07-01 Views 461

    “ The price didn’t different from other too much, I think it is worth a while ”

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  • image Mr. Rachane Potjanasuntorn

    Mr. Rachane Potjanasuntorn

    2023-07-01 Views 487

    " The Better Quality of Vision, the Better Quality of Life "

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  • image Mr. Philip Vira Bunnag

    Mr. Philip Vira Bunnag

    2023-07-01 Views 488

    “ With ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses, uncomfortable, headaches and my vision problems are gone almost completely ”

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  • image Mr. Phongamorn Charoennueng

    Mr. Phongamorn Charoennueng

    2023-07-01 Views 472

    My daughter development is better respectively compared to the past that difficult to learn, walking slowly, do and see anything were not normal. But with eyeglasses from ISOPTIK, she is back to the track.

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  • image Mr. Phongstorn Ermongkonchai

    Mr. Phongstorn Ermongkonchai

    2023-07-01 Views 530

    “ Eyeglasses are an important matter. It is a pleasure to invest in something that make your work run smoothly without any interruption.”

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  • image Ms. Jarimsri Petchkul

    Ms. Jarimsri Petchkul

    2023-07-01 Views 490

    “ We must accept the fact that quality things are not cheap but if the product is good with premium grade, you must decide to save money to buy it for your own health “

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  • image Mr. Komut Hongsatitpong

    Mr. Komut Hongsatitpong

    2023-07-01 Views 470

    The fact that we have a good eyeglasses makes us not tired. Feeling much more comfortable, work longer and better concentration.

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  • image H.E. Mr. Bhagwant Bishnoi

    H.E. Mr. Bhagwant Bishnoi

    2022-10-20 Views 807

    I think this is so much better than the progressive lenses that I was using earlier.

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  • image Mr.Angelito D. Ferrer

    Mr.Angelito D. Ferrer

    2022-10-16 Views 918

    Business Leader, Healthcare Support Services N Health Healthcare Service Solutions and The Bangkok Hospital Group

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  • image Ms. Supitcha Limthongkum

    Ms. Supitcha Limthongkum

    2018-07-21 Views 1593

    The very first time I put on the eyeglasses I received from ISOPTIK

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  • image Mr. Akaraphon Siranarakul

    Mr. Akaraphon Siranarakul

    2018-07-20 Views 1655

    I began to experience vision problem about 10 years ago.

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  • image Ajarn Pitak Ruensang

    Ajarn Pitak Ruensang

    2018-07-20 Views 1751

    About four years ago, I started to experience a vision change.

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  • image Mr. Prasert Silpipat

    Mr. Prasert Silpipat

    2018-07-20 Views 1673

    I began to experience farsightedness 15 years ago. Without my eyeglasses, I would not be able to see things at near distance.

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  • image Major General Chalongrat Nakartit

    Major General Chalongrat Nakartit

    2018-07-20 Views 2168

    I was really excited the first time I tried on ISOPTIK’s Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses

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  • image Gen. Seri Phukkamarn

    Gen. Seri Phukkamarn

    2018-07-20 Views 1668

    I came to ISOPTIK for advise hoping to get a good pair of eyeglasses made. I had no doubt whatsoever that I had come to the right place.

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  • image Pol. Maj. Gen. Somsak Prasansuk

    Pol. Maj. Gen. Somsak Prasansuk

    2018-07-20 Views 1650

    My vision problem started off with the symptoms of nearsightedness with different optical refractive errors between two eyes.

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  • image Pol. Col. Boonsong Jantrisri

    Pol. Col. Boonsong Jantrisri

    2018-07-20 Views 1741

    I started to experience vision problem around the age of 50.

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  • image Dr. Amnuay Santivipanon

    Dr. Amnuay Santivipanon

    2018-07-20 Views 1843

    My vision problem started to get seriously annoying when I was about 45. During that time, after getting back home from work

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  • image Dr. Anan Chiarawongse

    Dr. Anan Chiarawongse

    2018-07-20 Views 1647

    I started to experience presbyopia at the age of 49; the condition was not that serious.

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  • image Ms. Arporn Surarit

    Ms. Arporn Surarit

    2018-07-20 Views 1701

    My vision problem first started off with near sightedness. I have been an eyeglasses wearer for almost 20 years.

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  • image Ms. Patra Hansa

    Ms. Patra Hansa

    2018-07-20 Views 1535

    Vision is very important to me. Being a government official, work demanded close attention to documents and details.

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  • image Mr. Tridsadee Loonsia

    Mr. Tridsadee Loonsia

    2018-07-19 Views 1026

    I have had myopia of 400-500 degrees prior to the beginning of presbyopia symptom.

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  • image Ms. Suvimon Lapanun

    Ms. Suvimon Lapanun

    2018-07-19 Views 1547

    I started to experience presbyopia at the age of 37. One morning

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  • image Ms. Soisajee Bulayalert

    Ms. Soisajee Bulayalert

    2018-07-19 Views 1666

    I began to experience vision problem at age 10, starting with the symptom of astigmatism.

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  • image Mr. Rujapong Prabhasanobol

    Mr. Rujapong Prabhasanobol

    2018-07-19 Views 1721

    I have had vision problem ever since I was a child; I was probably about eight or nine years old.

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  • image Mr. Rukajorn Panchotinont

    Mr. Rukajorn Panchotinont

    2018-07-19 Views 1614

    I had nearsightedness since I was a child, but the nearsightedness was only in one eye.

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  • image Ms. Porrapat Akkarachaidumrong

    Ms. Porrapat Akkarachaidumrong

    2018-07-18 Views 1581

    I started to wear progressive eyeglasses when I began to experience the symptoms of vision problem about 10 years ago.

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  • image Ms. Pittiporn Sripipat

    Ms. Pittiporn Sripipat

    2018-07-18 Views 1629

    My vision problem began when I was about 40 years old.

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  • image Ms. Pannarat Pattanapitakkul

    Ms. Pannarat Pattanapitakkul

    2018-07-14 Views 1654

    I was diagnosed with presbyopia about five or six years ago. I got a pair of eyeglasses made specially for reading purpose.

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  • image Ms. Pussadee Suchitchon

    Ms. Pussadee Suchitchon

    2018-07-14 Views 1830

    I was in my late secondary school years when I began to experience my vision problem.

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  • image Mr. Piyapat Saimake

    Mr. Piyapat Saimake

    2018-07-14 Views 1638

    I started to experience vision problem about six to seven years ago.

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  • image Ms. Nualchan Juangvanich

    Ms. Nualchan Juangvanich

    2018-07-14 Views 1573

    My vision problem started with nearsightedness. When I was in class

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  • image Ms. Duangsamorn U-domratchatawanich

    Ms. Duangsamorn U-domratchatawanich

    2018-07-14 Views 1724

    My vision problems started as early as when I was about 12 years old.

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  • image Mr. Nattawut Praasitrattanaporn

    Mr. Nattawut Praasitrattanaporn

    2018-07-14 Views 1683

    I found out about my vision problem about 15-16 years ago.

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  • image Mr. Nattakit Sangsrirattanakul

    Mr. Nattakit Sangsrirattanakul

    2018-07-14 Views 1656

    I had encountered the visual problem since I was in secondary school.

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  • image Mr. Chanachai Joonjiraporn

    Mr. Chanachai Joonjiraporn

    2018-07-14 Views 1792

    I actually had encountered the vision problem of nearsightedness first.

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  • image Mr. Paisal Danjittrong

    Mr. Paisal Danjittrong

    2018-07-14 Views 1707

    My vision problems started two years ago. I had a pair of eyeglasses that I used at work.

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  • image Mr. Sathien Lorkunpai

    Mr. Sathien Lorkunpai

    2018-07-14 Views 1616

    I used to wear progressive eyeglasses that were not very user-friendly especially when the change of vision distance occurred.

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  • image Ms. Pennapa Yim-on

    Ms. Pennapa Yim-on

    2018-07-14 Views 1574

    I actually was not aware of my vision problems until I began to have blurry vision.

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  • image Ms. Premporn Jirawesayarak

    Ms. Premporn Jirawesayarak

    2018-07-14 Views 1615

    My vision problems began after I turned 30.

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  • image Ms. Leong Siew Mui Ethical Sourcing Divisional Manager - Far East Walmart Global Sourcing ( Shenzhen ) Co.Ltd. Age 50 Year

    Ms. Leong Siew Mui Ethical Sourcing Divisional Manager - Far East Walmart Global Sourcing ( Shenzhen ) Co.Ltd. Age 50 Year

    2018-03-29 Views 2132

    I started to wear eyeglasses when I was in my junior high school years. In the past, I did not pay much attention to the quality of eyeglasses. I thought they had to be made according to the prescription and they would work just fine.

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  • image Pastor Chee Kang Seng

    Pastor Chee Kang Seng

    2018-03-29 Views 4596

    About 30 years ago, I was still a college student when I first noticed the symptoms of shortsightedness and astigmatism. When I was 40, the development of the problems as quite rapid. I realized that I needed a visual aid.

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  • image Mr. Steve Landeck

    Mr. Steve Landeck

    2017-12-16 Views 1984

    I have farsightedness, and have been in search of a suitable pair of eyeglasses that would deliver visual clarity at near, intermediate, and far distances with satisfying wearing comfort. Therefore, I have done a lot of searching for the best eyeglasses

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  • image Dr. Veeranut Rojanaprapa

    Dr. Veeranut Rojanaprapa

    2017-12-16 Views 1991

    I was first diagnosed with shortsightedness. Then, I went to a general optical store to get my vision examined and get my eyeglasses made. However, as I grew older, around six or seven years ago, reading became more difficult.

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  • image Associate Professor Dr.Surapol Saipanich

    Associate Professor Dr.Surapol Saipanich

    2017-12-16 Views 1878

    I was about 16 years old when I first encountered the symptoms of shortsightedness combined with astigmatism. The symptoms grew worse and worse as I got older. Attempting to improve my vision, I lost count of how many times

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  • image Mr. Narongrit Kalaput

    Mr. Narongrit Kalaput

    2017-12-16 Views 1927

    I was reaching the age of 30 when I began to have a problem with my vision. Besides work, I was also occupied by study as I was also pursuing my master’s degree. Switching between work by days and study by nights,

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  • image Ms.Sutthaphurinee Jittaviriya

    Ms.Sutthaphurinee Jittaviriya

    2017-12-16 Views 1752

    I remembered that I had a vision problem since I was very young. I was probably in grade 5. Back then, everyone in my family had eyeglasses. Being a kid, I was playing around by taking one of the pairs of eyeglasses

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  • image Associate Professor Suchart Areemit

    Associate Professor Suchart Areemit

    2017-11-22 Views 1865

    My vision problem started when I was 40 years old. I had blurred vision which made it very difficult for me to work and perform surgery. I went to see an eye doctor and he suggested that I wore eyeglasses.

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  • image Mr. Virunporn Prompongsa , M.D.

    Mr. Virunporn Prompongsa , M.D.

    2017-11-22 Views 1994

    Upon reaching the age of 40 , I began to experience farsightedness. Book reading or seeing things close - up became challenging. As soon as I noticed the symptoms , I went to get the bi - focal eyeglasses for farsightedness made.

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  • image Mr. Somchai Laosaichua

    Mr. Somchai Laosaichua

    2017-11-22 Views 2241

    I encountered a vision problem around age of 30. The first pair of eyeglasses I owned gave me a lot of trouble and headaches. Nothing about those eyeglasses was right. They were not light enough , they did not give enough clarity

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  • image Mr. Boonma Tejavanija

    Mr. Boonma Tejavanija

    2017-11-22 Views 2091

    My vision problem began when I was about 20 years old. It began with the symptoms of short - sightedness , and later escalated with an addition of astigmatism.

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  • image Police Colonel Taweerat Sritawatpong

    Police Colonel Taweerat Sritawatpong

    2017-11-22 Views 1903

    It was not until four or five years ago when I began to experience my vision problem. I could not see clearly at near distance. Reading became very difficult. At work , reading and signing papers also became problematic. Therefore ,

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  • image Mr. Jarin Jakkapak

    Mr. Jarin Jakkapak

    2017-11-22 Views 2093

    At 17 years old , I was diagnosed with nearsightedness , and got my first eyeglasses made in order to correct my nearsightedness. I have been an eyeglasses wearer for over 20 years after that. However , a couple years after I reached the age of 40

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  • image Mr. Isara Koyvanich

    Mr. Isara Koyvanich

    2017-10-18 Views 2078

    I started to experience nearsightedness at around the age of 11. Growing up with nearsightedness was not much of a problem until I went to graduate school for my Master’s Degree in Administration. I had to do a lot of readings during my study

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  • image Dr. Wichai Satimai

    Dr. Wichai Satimai

    2017-10-18 Views 2170

    I had previously been blessed with a healthy and well eyesight until I reached the age of 42-43, which was when I started to experience nearsightedness for the first time in my life. I resisted wearing eyeglasses at first

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  • image Dr. Kanit Nuntasenee

    Dr. Kanit Nuntasenee

    2017-06-16 Views 2108

    At 17-18, I developed the symptom of nearsightedness and astigmatism. Since then, I have been an eyeglasses wearer. At first, it was not much of a problem for me. Until one day, I was looking at my watch and could not see the time clearly.

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  • image Dr. Daraneenuch Prasanpun

    Dr. Daraneenuch Prasanpun

    2017-06-16 Views 2163

    Nearsightedness started to develop when I was about 23-24 years old. The problem was noticeable especially when driving. One of my colleagues mentioned her previous experience of wearing poorly made eyeglasses

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  • image Dr. Chaiwut Gamonpilas

    Dr. Chaiwut Gamonpilas

    2017-06-16 Views 2359

    When I first encountered my eyesight problem, I went to get my eyeglasses made from some general optical store, and used them for about four to five years, until a friend highly suggested that I come to ISOPTIK and see what they had to offer.

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  • image Ms. Supatra Masdit

    Ms. Supatra Masdit

    2017-06-16 Views 2794

    I developed the symptom of nearsightedness when I was in secondary school. I disliked wearing eyeglasses as they were inconvenient and they made me look awkward. However, I could not avoid wearing them as my eyesight problem

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  • image Mr. Weera Waroonpaijitr

    Mr. Weera Waroonpaijitr

    2017-06-16 Views 2188

    My eyesight problem developed about four years ago. I could not see near objects very clearly compared to far objects, especially when reading.

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  • image Mr. Pun Paiboonkiat Keawkaew

    Mr. Pun Paiboonkiat Keawkaew

    2017-06-16 Views 1995

    After reaching the age of 40, I strongly felt that reading became much harder, so I went to get an eye examination and a pair of reading eyeglasses made. Reading eyeglasses wearers including me, when not reading,

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  • image Mr. Preecha Chungwatana

    Mr. Preecha Chungwatana

    2017-06-16 Views 2051

    My eyesight problem started when I was about 50 years old. My daily activities include television watching, computer use, and reading, which require close up scrutiny and heavy use of eyes.

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  • image Ms. Chantanee Wongsirisuwan

    Ms. Chantanee Wongsirisuwan

    2017-06-16 Views 1930

    I began to develop nearsightedness around the age of 15. I was quite concerned especially during night time driving as I could not see things on the road very clearly. I started wearing eyeglasses since then.

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  • image Professor Metha Kriengparinyakit

    Professor Metha Kriengparinyakit

    2017-05-23 Views 2098

    My nearsightedness condition developed when I was in sixth grade, which was when I started wearing eyeglasses. The condition was mild but it did have a negative effect on me and my lifestyles. I practically could not live without my eyeglasses

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  • image Dr. Wuttichai Wongwanich

    Dr. Wuttichai Wongwanich

    2017-05-23 Views 2229

    I started having signs of nearsightedness when I was in secondary school. At younger age, I tended to adapt to the eyeglasses just fine. However, my vision problem became more complicated as I grew older.

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  • image Ms. Ajchara Chaisantitrakul

    Ms. Ajchara Chaisantitrakul

    2017-05-23 Views 1938

    Back in the time when I was still in college, I was diagnosed with nearsightedness of -2.50 diopters (250 degrees). That was when I started wearing eyeglasses. After years of wearing them, I could not stand with the heavy eyeglasses frame

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  • image Ms. Umporn Poonyokul

    Ms. Umporn Poonyokul

    2017-05-23 Views 1960

    Two years ago, I was traveling on an airplane. I picked up one of the in-flight magazines to read to stumble upon the message from ISOPTIK’s advertisement that read, Master Bobi – a genuine expert in eye examination for The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digita

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  • image Mr. Anupong Bhodiyothin

    Mr. Anupong Bhodiyothin

    2017-05-23 Views 1989

    In my early 40s, working life involved seven to eight hours on computer screen per day. I started to see blurred images of near and far objects. The vision problem led to eyes strain and so, I had to get my eyeglasses made from an optical store

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  • image Mr. Supat Natepisarnwanich

    Mr. Supat Natepisarnwanich

    2017-05-23 Views 2050

    I have been an eyeglasses wearer ever since I could remember things. I started wearing them since I was about one or two years old. I have owned too many pairs of eyeglasses that I got them made from several optical stores I could find.

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  • image Ms. Veera Pardpattanapanich

    Ms. Veera Pardpattanapanich

    2017-05-23 Views 2093

    I had quite a decent eyesight and vision growing up. Up until the working age, I never once had to use eyeglasses. However, reality bites, I started to have farsightedness as I grew older.

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  • image Mr. Wisarut Tansarawiput

    Mr. Wisarut Tansarawiput

    2017-05-20 Views 2396

    There was a time when I was doing a road trip overseas which included several countries as my destinations. The map reading was necessary for that trip. That was when I started to have a feeling that I had a vision problem

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  • image Mr. Wasin Dolrudej

    Mr. Wasin Dolrudej

    2017-05-20 Views 2169

    At first, I thought I only had a nearsighted problem. I went to a general optical store and got my eyeglasses made with them. I did not need to use eyeglasses during day time, and only wore them during the night time. They were fine at first

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  • image Ms. Rintanun Jitjongdham

    Ms. Rintanun Jitjongdham

    2017-05-20 Views 2078

    I have had a vision problem that is a combination of nearsightedness and astigmatism. The problem had become a major obstacle that brought difficulties to my daily living activities and working life. My work entails close scrutiny of documents

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  • image Mr. Rattanachai Puranachaikeeree

    Mr. Rattanachai Puranachaikeeree

    2017-05-20 Views 2129

    One thing that is unavoidable in your 40s is farsightedness. Most people would think of an easy way out – looking for cheap eyeglasses that might cost 50-60 Baht up to 1,000 Baht per pair. Eventually, they would get trashed and the money was wasted

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  • image Mr. Pitipong Rojanasumapong

    Mr. Pitipong Rojanasumapong

    2017-05-20 Views 2287

    My first feelings towards The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses I received from ISOPTIK were so nice that words cannot describe how impressed and happy I was! I think progressive lenses are available anywhere

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  • image Ms. Parada Yingwattanapaisal

    Ms. Parada Yingwattanapaisal

    2017-05-20 Views 1991

    I was at the age of 42 when my vision problem began. I opted to use ready-to-wear eyeglasses that were available from optical clinics or hospitals. Until eight years ago, my brother’s acquaintance recommended ISOPTIK to me and said that they were the best

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  • image Mr. Prasartsilp On-Aht

    Mr. Prasartsilp On-Aht

    2017-05-20 Views 2184

    My vision problem began when I was in my early 30s. I was working on architectural designs which required heavy eyes usage and close scrutiny. My wife, who at that time was already ISOPTIK’s customer, suggested that I went to see Master Bobi for help

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  • image Ms. Busaba Luangthongwanich

    Ms. Busaba Luangthongwanich

    2017-05-20 Views 1955

    I began to have nearsightedness when I was in secondary school. I did not wear eyeglasses all the time. I only wore them when I was in class. However, that all changed when I started working life. I practically had my eyeglasses

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  • image Ms. Numthip Prasitkulchai

    Ms. Numthip Prasitkulchai

    2017-05-20 Views 2137

    I used to have eyeglasses with progressive lenses for intermediate distance vision at 15 meters. After one year, I started to feel the wearing discomfort. Then came the headaches and dizziness. I realized then that it was the time to change my eyeglasses

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  • image Ms. Nartladda Namprakai

    Ms. Nartladda Namprakai

    2017-05-20 Views 1971

    I started to have farsightedness as soon as I reached the age of 40. At first, I bought a pair of single lens eyeglasses to use. Three to four years passed,I thought I needed a new pair with better quality, so I went to an optical place nearby to get

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  • image Mr. Narin Nimwinya

    Mr. Narin Nimwinya

    2017-05-19 Views 2150

    I started to have a nearsighted problem since I was in Sixth grade. I got my eyeglasses made from several general optical places I ran into when I was growing up. I was not a regular customer to any of them.

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  • image Mr. Nopparong Kuerkoonrat

    Mr. Nopparong Kuerkoonrat

    2017-05-19 Views 1864

    I have had nearsightedness since I was in elementary school. I remember not seeing the blackboard clearly. I had to keep blinking or rubbing my eyes in order to see things clearer. My mother took me to get an eye examination.

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  • image Ms. Tanita Wiwattananusorn

    Ms. Tanita Wiwattananusorn

    2017-05-19 Views 1857

    I have been nearsighted. For me, eyeglasses are the only option that I choose since contact lenses tend to dry my eyes out badly. ISOPTIK was referred to me by my husband. The first time I visited ISOPTIK, I noticed that everything was done differently

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  • image Mr. Nuttaphol Submanu

    Mr. Nuttaphol Submanu

    2017-05-19 Views 2071

    I started wearing eyeglasses early when I was in my secondary school. I only wore them during classes so that I could see what was written on the blackboard. Outside of my classrooms, I did not wear them as I played a lot of sports at school.

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