Customer Eye Care - Living In Thailand ( November 2007 )

"Eye testing is the basis of our caring for our customer's eyesight" says Bobi. It is therefore important for them to understand that they have to give us as much information as possible in orderfor us to get the most accurate results."

"We take a very professional approach," he adds. "We only see customers by appointment and they must have a clear 30 minutes for me to do the tests. They should also bring all the eyeglasses they have been using. We don't offer a quick solution; I use state-of-the-art technology equipment to make masterpiece eyeglasses. The customer should be well rested so that the eye muscles are relaxed so we can get an accurate reading."

"It's important that the eyes have to be medically fit before I prescribe hi-end eyeglasses," he continues. "Part of our responsibilities during the eye test is checking the eye pressure whether the patient is suffering from glaucoma. If we do detect it, the ophthalmologist will take a photo in the retina and refer the customer to a specialist. Likewise, if there are any traces of cataracts or other eye diseases we can also refer them to a specialist for correction before we make their eyeglasses."

"Other health conditions that should be corrected before prescribing eyeglasses are diabetes and unstable blood pressure, which will effect the pressure in the eyes."

"Headaches should also be considered," he adds, "migraines are something that a person has to learn to live with. Headaches that are caused by over stressful working will disappear by the crystal clear vision of the eyeglasses I give."

"Once a customer declined our recommendation and insisted to buy our eyeglasses. Four months later he came back and told us he had got eye surgery and that eyeglasses can't no longer be used. Therefore I gave him the new eyeglasses without any charge.

"We don't have this in a written guarantee," he explains, "rather a gentlemen's agreement, 'Bobi's word is his bond'."

"We want to do the best for all customers," he explains, "but in fact, there is less than 1% of total sales that need replacement, the vast majority is satisfied with what they get the first time. It's a guarantee with no conditions, even in unfortunate cases, such as customers don't liking their eyeglasses and changing their mind or if the eyeglasses are accidentally damaged and don't like the eyeglasses anymore or they are accidentally damaged."

"In the worst case, which has happened," he adds, "we were asked to replace [eyeglasses] 10 times in a six month period, we refunded the customer his money and politely said 'sorry but we can't do business with you anymore'. I think this is a fair and polite solution."

"We can only replace damaged eyeglasses, if some of the original pieces can be provided," he says. "In case the entire piece is lost we can replace it at the cost of 50% of the original purchasing price."

"The eyes are difficult to fix, once they are damaged, It is much easier to prevent a medical problem with early detection. Other parts of the body can be replaced with donor organs but not the eyes. Once, the sight is lost it's gone, forever. That's why I believe in the philosophy 'Life is beautiful, sight is life'."

"There are times when I get tired," he says, "but I never give up. My happiness comes when I see the smile on our satisfied customer's faces. My dream is to be able to offer a customer perfect eye care, to maintain crystal clear vision from the moment they first open their eyes until the moment they close them for the last time."

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