World-Class Optical Technology for CEO-Class Visionaries - In Residence ( September 2007 )


"Of course, as world-leading hi-end eyeglasses specialist, we can improve the vision of our customers!" he points out.

But this sounds like an optical illusion, doesn't it? So how is eyesight related to a CEOs' vision when it concerns their business?

"Obviously it is a factor," he answers, "because we look things through our eyes, but meanwhile we see them also with the brain! Thus, if your eyes aren't able to capture objects clearly at first, your brain must work harder to decode the signals. Just like an unclear picture, you inevitably have to rely on highly technical computer software for rendering and retouching to give it clarity," he illustrates.

As mentioned above, optical vision is directly linked to the brain's operation. "It means that having the best eye care can relieve the load on our brain, which will permit the brain to work smoothly and more effective in anything we do," Mr. Bobi says. "Therefore, not surprisingly, a businessman whose eyes work in fullfunction can develop more of his strategies and more often holds victory in his hands in any business area that he enters."

To achieve the world's best optical service, a series of world-class equipment is used to ensure the best results. With this high-quality equipment, ISOPTIK can give customers a quick 20-minute eyetest that assesses depth

perception, colour recognition and binocular vision.

If any anomaly shows up, an ophthalmologist is then able to apply a Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera to safely photograph the customer's retina and highlights anything of concern.

Furthermore, one of the most important components for assembling high-end eyeglasses is the hi-end lenses. At ISOPTIK: The Best Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre in Thailand, located on the 4th floor, Grand Hyatt Erawan, Rodenstock Impression FreeSign hi-end progressive lenses from Rodenstock are shipped in from Germany to create the best hi-end eyeglasses for our customers. That's the reason why the CEO's of Thailand's leading industries, highlevel government officials and politicians place their trust in ISOPTIK to give them the vision so that they can create successful businesses.

"I can honestly state that our hi-end eyeglasses are able to give an 80-year person crystal clear vision as if they were young again," Mr. Bobi proclaims. "Certainly, when you have crystal clear vision, you can focus on objects in less than 0.1 of a second at any distance!"

Now that is probably fast enough to capture and build upon the dynamic changes in the present business world - an edge any CEO would certainly be keen to have in his armour.

Nowaday, ISOPTIK had moved to

AIA CAPITAL CENTER ( AIACC ) Building, 2nd floor , Room 208 plaza zone , located on Ratchadapisek Road , 20 meters futher from The Embassy of the People's Republic of China , Next to the “ Stock Exchange of Thailand ” building and 120 meters just before the MRT Thailand Cultural Centre station.

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