Grandmaster Bobi : A guy who Holds the Hearts of CEOS - RBSC ( September 2007 )

So what's the CEOs' secret he knows? "Not complicated or mysterious at all, it's a Vision!" Bobi answers. "Actually as the hi-end eyeglasses specialist I can't do anything much about their attitude vision, but I can improve their best optical vision that will unbelievably take effect to their lives; the ways they see the world and the process of thinking for their business."

Of course, this philosophy seems like other opticians' direction, but Bobi also announces more, "I will make a new standardization of optical services." He places the blame directly on today's opticians, many of whom he says simply fit the best lenses they have to customers and then wash their hands off further interest, there is no followup services and very little customers can do once they leave the store. "But we do differently here at ISOPTIK; the eyeglasses, initially, must be assembled with highquality progressive lenses that match leading brand frame. The end product must be perfectly fit for customers, or it will be wholly remade. Customers also have 6 months for testing their new eyeglasses, and if they don't feel comfortable with product,

they can take refund immediately, " proudly Bobi says. "My standard encourages customers feel sure to invest without reserved for their best vision."

Unsurprisingly, the important tools carrying out his breakthrough into the high-end glasses market is the World- Class technologies he chooses. At the hi-end progressive eyeglasses centre : ISOPTIK, the high-technology equipments are used for customer's vision diagnosis for the most accurate results. Thus, this centre is widely admired in optical circles as the most-advanced source of Asia and also classed as one of the World's Bests.

"We put our heart in working for customers, and they give us back the trustful hearts of their whole lives." His speech represents the full confidence of his optical services that results as 40 CEOs of Thailand leading hotels, financial firms, and other industries give their trustfulness to ISOPTIK. Further, this hi-end progressive eyeglasses centre: ISOPTIK which under supervised by Bobi also possess the 1st hi-end progressive eyeglasses sales in Asia and far more than distributors in France, Germany, and America.

Presently, ISOPTIK glasses prevail among executives of Thai's leading industries, high-level government officials, and politicians, but this seems like not satisfied enough for Bobi. "I propose that our centre will grow up and be renowned all over the world," He states finally, "My next customers possibly might be Bill Gates, who knows!"

Nowaday, ISOPTIK had moved to

AIA CAPITAL CENTER ( AIACC ) Building, 2nd floor , Room 208 plaza zone , located on Ratchadapisek Road , 20 meters futher from The Embassy of the People's Republic of China , Next to the ô Stock Exchange of Thailand ö building and 120 meters just before the MRT Thailand Cultural Centre station.

Opening every Tuesday to Saturday at 11:00 - 19:00
Close every Sunday and Monday
Reservation : 086-565-5711 or 086-970-0794

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