Somboon Numtipjuntacharern (Grandmaster Bobi) - Living In Thailand ( January 2008 )

More then 40 years ago, little Bobi, the sixth child of Sawang and Napaporn Chaowanakosol who owned an optical store “Sawang Optical” in Trang province, asked his father out of sheer curiosity why his grandmother had poor vision no matter how good her glasses were. Later on, she lost her sight completely, leaving a wound in the little boy’s heart while inspiring him to become a great eye care specialist when he grew up. When the boy turned seven, he heard a customer ask his father, “How come the eyeglasses you make are so perfect? No other store could do them like this! What am I going to do if you weren’t around?” His father, smiling widely, pointed at the little boy and replied, “When I am no longer here, my son will make you the most excellent eyeglasses.” Such encouraging words inspired the boy and instilled in him the great faith in the value of good vision. He became determined to become the greatest optician. After decades of commitment and dedication, his dream has now come true.

What sparked your initial interest in progressive lenses?

When I made the first pair of progressive eyeglasses, my 60-year-old customer said “They make me see things clearer no matter the distance, just like I did in the old days!” So I thought, if progressive lenses could help a 60-year-old see like a young man, this could be the solution the world had been waiting for. I spend hundreds of thousands of hours working on hi-end progressive lenses techniques to create the world’s best progressive eyeglasses.

In the past, only half of the progressive eyeglasses were usable, while the other half caused discomfort and worked poorly. Some even did not work at all. Having spent a lot of time studying them, I could finally make progressive eyeglasses that work 100% for everyone with the special technique that I had discovered on my own. This technique gains recognition worldwide. For example, when I demonstrated the technique in a world-class optical exhibition in Shanghai, people from around the world were amazed by the hi-end progressive lenses. Everyone was talking about the Thai guy who showed the excellence of highest quality of vision at any distance with hi-end progressive lenses. The demonstration went on day after day and I was exhausted but it was a great pride to show the world that Thai people were among the greatest hi-end progressive lenses specialist in the world. Thousands of people wanted to learn from me, and they learned from my website Advance Progressive Addition Lenses Club ( which has been dubbed the leading website on hi-end progressive lenses. This proudly flags Thailand and Thai people, and I would say that “Thai people make the best hi-end progressive eyeglasses in the world.”

It’s been said that progressive eyeglasses make people dizzy.

That saying used to be true in the past because old technology of progressive lenses offered very narrow vision and were hard to get adjusted to. Also, the choices of the frames were limited. Even today, there are many

eyeglasses-wearers in this world who spend a lot of money for unusable progressive eyeglasses. It is partly because of the incorrect eye examination process. When I give lecture on eye examination for progressive eyeglasses, both in Thailand and overseas, I am surprised by the number of opticians who do not know how to conduct a correct eye examination for progressive eyeglasses.

The technology of hi-end progressive lenses has enabled the lenses to adapt themselves to the user, not the other way round. You can drop by, grab the eyeglasses, and drive back to work. If not done correctly, the quality of your vision will be three times worse.

You always say, “Life is too short to limit your vision.” What do you mean by that

To limit your vision is to limit your life. We do not live forever, so why limit your vision just because you want to save a small amount of money? That also leads to limiting your efficiency, creativity and intelligence. I guarantee that hi-end progressive eyeglasses can give those with instant crystal clear vision at any distance like when they were young. The hi-end eyeglasses will be more effective and what comes with it is more income and better quality of life. Often times, my customers tell me that my hi-end eyeglasses make them richer and happier. I do not sell just eyeglasses – I sell the best vision that today’s technology can offer.

I value sight and I cherish the quality of seeing. ISOPTIK’s hi-end eyeglasses do not just make you see better but they can improve your performance, happiness and maximum point of view. You can do anything when you have faith.

To get a pair of ISOPTIK’s hi-end eyeglasses, how long does it take and how much it cost

A pair of hi-end progressive lenses is priced from 18,000 baht to 80,000 baht. One pair takes 45 days to make, from the eye examination, analysis, trial, designing and placing order to fitting the lenses into the frames. I am dedicated to making each and every pair of glasses as precise as possible.

What makes you so confident about opening a high-end optical store

It all began with the idea to open a modern optical shop that designed highest quality of progressive eyeglasses. My store became the best selling highest quality of progres- sive eyeglasses maker in the eyeglasses

maker in the world. Surprisingly, 98% of my customers were Scandinavian – Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish. Their word of mouth helped promote my business. They told their family and friends that there was this optical store in Thailand who could make highest quality of progressive eyeglasses like no other, even better than those in Europe. That’s how my fame got spread worldwide. Many European customers told me that they used to be skeptical about my progressive eyeglasses because they were relatively inexpensive. They had presumed they would be of poor quality. Once they had tried them on, my progressive eyeglasses were even better than ones they bought in Europe which cost more than a hundred thousand baht. That was when I realized it was time I announced, “Thai people make the best hi-end progressive eyeglasses in the world.”

Plan for the future

Apart from being the leader in hi-end progressive eyeglasses, I want to take care of people’s vision from birth until the end. I want to set up optical care centers for children, for students, for working people and for seniors. More than 300 million baht will be invested. Our concept is no prescription, no surgery and no diagnosis. We will be the centers that provide basic care for the eyes and collaborate with top-level optometrists to help people see the world better. It’s not just about seeing better – what we aim for is great vision in a long run.

These days, no matter how busy he is, Bobi spends his time taking care of his customers at ISOPTIK every day. If you are a coffee lover and want to visit ISOPTIK, skip your cup of coffee and try the hi-end coffee at ISOPTIK, because it is claimed to be one of the tastiest in town!

Nowaday, ISOPTIK had moved to

AIA CAPITAL CENTER ( AIACC ) Building, 2nd floor , Room 208 plaza zone , located on Ratchadapisek Road , 20 meters futher from The Embassy of the People's Republic of China , Next to the “ Stock Exchange of Thailand ” building and 120 meters just before the MRT Thailand Cultural Centre station.

Opening every Tuesday to Saturday at 11:00 - 19:00
Close every Sunday and Monday
Reservation : 086-565-5711 or 086-970-0794

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