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When creating the world' s best eyeglasses, no one has more dedication and passion than Khun Somboon Numtipjuntacharern. Better known as Master Bobi by his clients, he is the managing director at ISOPTIK. Since nine years, Master Bobi and his team have been designing and fitting the world' s most advanced eyeglasses. Many clients now live with the best vision quality because of his masterfully crafted eyeglasses. The aspirations that motivated Master Bobi to create the world’ s best eyeglasses began at a young age.


Master Bobi recalls the pivotal time during his youth that inspired him. A prominent Thai Governor that regularly traveled from Chiangmai to Trang to get eyeglasses from Master Bobi' s father told him that his father' s eyeglasses are incredible, they gave him clear natural sight and comfort. He explained that no other eyeglass centre could provide such quality. The Governor asked his father, " what can I do when you die, who will make the best eyeglasses for me ? " Master Bobi' s father proudly pointed to him and said, " this is my son, he will make the best eyeglasses for you ".


Wowed and filled with a vision, Master Bobi dreamed the same night that many government officials and business leaders would come from around the world to get eyeglasses from him. Master Bobi explains through decades of commitment, patience, focused work and an unbreakable trust in God have led him to success. He believes his Christian upbringing through his father' s strong faith and commitment proved that if you only ' believe ', anything is possible. Everyday Master Bobi prays for wisdom to discover new methods to make better eyeglasses for his clients. Today he is living the dream he dreamt so long ago, creating the world' s best eyeglasses and proudly proclaiming that at ISOPTIK " we believe that life is beautiful and life is sight ".


As people get older, their vision begins to get worse forcing their brains to work harder in order to see clearly. Many people wearing age old single and bifocal eyeglass technologies experience limitations. One can only see clearly in the centre of the lens. However when a customer looks to the left and right side of the lens the brain works hard to focus. This is very uncomfortable. Master Bobi explains the only one way to create the perfect pair of eyeglasses is to ' customize them '.


Master Bobi calls these perfectly customized glasses, ' The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses ’, which are designed to provide crystal clear vision. After scheduling an appointment at ISOPTIK, customers experience first class service. ISOPTIK’ s professional staff conduct precise tests with the latest 3D technology and takes note of the client’ s lifestyles to create the perfect prescription. The eyeglasses are then handcrafted by world luxury eyewear firms Rodenstock and Lindberg. The prescription and production of one pair takes around six to eight weeks, costing between one hundred thousand to 9 million baht.


Master Bobi explains that there are other eyeglass specialists who may be more intelligent and can also do what he can. However, they choose not to because the time, effort and investment required is very high. Instead, they take the easy option by making " quick and easy eyeglasses " to make a lot of profit. Master Bobi explains that at ISOPTIK, there is never compromise. Mater Bobi and his team relentlessly work to create better products every day for each client.


Master Bobi explains that creating ' The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses ' is very costly. Every year the company increases its prices in order to employ professional staff and improve equipment in order to uphold ISOPTIK Hi-End quality. Master Bobi explains that " when customers come to ISOPTIK they have two choices, to have the best eyeglasses or nothing ". In the future Master Bobi aims to open ISOPTIK shops worldwide. He explains that obtaining the financial investment is not the challenge. However, finding dedicated professional staff that are passionate to create the best eyeglasses is.

" Only Believe "

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