Mr. Preecha Prakobkit

Mr. Preecha Prakobkit
Ex - Managing Director , Amway ( Thailand )

Around 7 years ago , I gave a speech in front of 50,000 audiences in the national Amway business partners meeting. I used my progressive glasses produced from old technology which gave clear vision for short distance at 40 centimeters up to middle distance of 3 meters. In order to see the audiences sitting far back of the auditorium I had to take off my glasses which made me feel inconvenient. When I walked down the stage , ISOPTIK representative waiting to see me presented an invitation to sample the latest Hi-End technology for New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasse at ISOPTIK The Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre.

Pantoscopic Tilt Angle measurement aka PTA

They purposefully claimed that they designed the best quality and the most expensive lenses in the world. I thought through and admitted to myself that I spent a large amount of money on eyeglasses because I wanted to feel comfortable when I worked.

Face Form Angle measurement on customer aka FFA

I was kind of working all day and long hours person and needed to use my sight in different distances such as reading from computer screen , attending the meetings. I also liked to drive by myself , especially on weekend. I still suffered from uncomfortable glasses and felt annoyed that I couldn’t read from computer screen comfortably. Two months later , I couldn’t bear with this anymore so I told my secretary to contact ISOPTIK as I wanted to know how good they were as they boasted about the best quality and extremely expensive lenses.

After going through the 3 D visual measurements , I realized they conducted it more carefully and specifically comparing to another optical centres I experienced in the past. Mr. Bobi let me try various New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses until I found the ones that fit me most. I was very impressed. The production process took 6 weeks. On the day that I collected the glasses , I was so excited. After I wore them , I was amazed that all the problems I faced with the conventional glasses for ages were solved. I could view comfortably and naturally at all distances like the glasses is now integrated with my body until sometimes I don’t feel that I am wearing glasses. I have been a repeated ISOPTIK customer since then.

I view that the vision is one of the important elements in our life. The good visual quality gives us freedom lifestyle. Although age can bring changes that affect your eyesight , you should find the right device to bring back your vision for your life quality.

" Only Believe "

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