Mr. Angelito D. Ferrer

Mr. Angelito D. Ferrer
Business Leader , Healthcare Support Services
N Health Healthcare Service Solutions and the Bangkok Hospital Group

I remember noticing farsightedness at about 41 years old as I began to positioning material further and further away to be able to comfortably read. Not long after that , I started using Progressive Addition Lenses. The first progressive eyeglasses I tried to use were of very limited effectiveness. It was impossible for me to adjust to any of my first 2 sets of progressive eyeglasses. With the first set, I gave up trying to adjust within a week. With the second set, I had to force myself to adjust to its limitations to alleviate my vision problems. It didn’t feel natural at all. I could wear it maximum 2 hours straight working on a computer, after which my eyes would get overly strained and my vision blurred to a point. It was impossible to continue working. I found I had to take the glasses off to let my eyes rest for at least an hour before I could put them on again.

After I have switched to Hi-End The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive lenses which ISOPTIK designed and dispensed, I could feel the major difference from using other general progressive eyeglasses I had worn before. It was absolutely easier to adjust to ISOPTIK’s eyeglasses. I do wear the eyeglasses from the moment I get up in the morning till the time I retire to bed. It is just so comfortable to wear and natural to use compared to all my previous progressive eyeglasses. I could estimate the distance precisely , especially while driving , almost as if I wasn’t wearing any eyeglasses at all. Problems of flashing images , sideways distorted vision and a headache accompanying quick movements are not just lessened , they are all gone.

For my work at N Health Healthcare Service Solutions and the Bangkok Hospital Group centers around infection control and patient safety , it demands attention to details , detail analysis work and substantial reading, both printed material and on computer screens , to keep up with the latest development in sterile processing technique , equipment and trends. Up - to - date knowledge ensures that we can deliver the highest standards of patient safety in all our hospitals. The clarity , wide field of vision , and natural feeling of use with Hi-End Rodenstock lenses dispensed by ISOPTIK bring me back one of the most important resource to do my job well which is my vision. The Hi-End lenses designed by ISOPTIK are highly recommended.

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