• How good is The Digital 3D Individual Smart Progressive Eyeglasses from ISOPTIK ?

    The latest The ISOPTIK Smart Digital 3D Individual Progressive Lenses consists of 12 levels. A new leap of vision field leading to the better quality of life with the characteristic as following :

    1. Creating and design The ISOPTIK Smart 3D Progressive Lenses which tuning to each wearer behavior on the specific frame in every corner of detail from distance, intermediate and near leading to Crystal Clear vision.

    2. Instant Crystal Clear Vision at Any Distance Naturally, more accurate in distance prediction in every movement in your daily life.

    3. Decrease the duty from force focusing in the brain function from attempting to adapt to the limitation of the other progressive eyeglasses no more. Reduce your brain from suffering exhausted effect. Every brain system become more functional.

    4. Increase the power to do tasks that require more thinking but less tired even if you have to use your eyes all day like being young once again.

    5. Easy to adapt and natural in every aspect like The Smart Progressive Eyeglasses is one organ of your body.

    6. Becoming more healthier and enjoy your life to the fullest since earning for a living and life are not the same thing.

    7. Lenses has Full Satisfaction Guarantee up to 6 months.

    The price of The ISOPTIK Smart Digital 3D Individual Progressive Lenses start at 33,800 Baht per pair.

    For any customer with limited budget, we also have The ISOPTIK Smart Economy Progressive Lenses price start at 18,800 Baht per pair.


    Jan Gibson

    " My name is Jan Gibson. I've pretty much been wearing glasses my entire life, or definitely from five years old. I have a lazy eye and poor vision in one eye.

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    People look with their eyes, but see with their brain.


    The most natural and comfortable feeling of having a crystal clear vision at every split second belongs to those who are in their adolescence years of age. However, this ability tends to start fading away right after you reach the age of 30. The effectiveness of your brain functionality starts to decline. Therefore, you feel tired and fatigued easily especially when you have to stare at the computer screen for hours, or read work documents and papers all day long.

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    Vision Quality Improvement Center


    In the future, I will open a centre for improving the quality of vision in order to maintain the quality of vision from an infant till the day where he/she closed his/her eyelids. I believe that if we can help someone achieve the best vision quality, we would be able to make his/her brain work more efficiently.

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    The beginning of ISOPTIK’s Success


    From their faith in God and faith in the value of vision leads to inspirations to study further development in order to produce the best spectacles in the world which results in, the creation of new standards of optometric, designing and assembling high - end The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses that provide an instant crystal clear vision at all distances.

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    Highest visibility in all distances for better life


    Everyday, the specialist team in the specific field of ophthalmologists and the doctor of optometry team from ISOPTIK corporate with the specialists in both inside and outside of Thailand have helped a countless of people by preventing visibility decay from eyes disease and other related disease achieved by running through the eye examinations and analysis in any tiny piece of detail. ISOPTIK puts in the ultimate care and quality services for every customer to obtain the highest visibility in all distances as much as possible for as long as the technology can be.

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses