ISOPTIK’s standard of pricing and products quality

Optical business is fierce. Through short term objective, most of the optical places compete in the market with only one objective, to increase the sales number. The normal practice is to overprice the eyeglasses and put them on sale by offering 50% discount to any customers. Many times, customers can further negotiate for up to 35% discount on top of it. This means that the picky and difficult customers usually end up getting the perfect pair of eyeglasses at very low price whereas the customers who are not very picky about the price usually get the not - so - good pair of eyeglasses at higher price.

At times, the same optical place could offer the same products at different prices to different customers. In average, the main source of substantial profits come from the sale of products to the nice and easy customers. Some picky customers with tricky and high negotiation skills may end up purchasing the products at the principle cost or even lower, which is really not fair to the other customers. At ISOPTIK, we take pride in using the pricing strategy that is fair to every customer. We offer fair pricing standard of the lenses, frames, and sunglasses. For us, fair pricing also means same price for everyone. No markups or overpricing strategies are applied just so that we could offer big discount to lure in and attract our customers. Whether they are old or new customers, whether they purchase one or ten pairs of eyeglasses, they are offered the same price and fair treatments at ISOPTIK.

We value the trust that the customers place on us. Through our sincerity and genuine intention, we are endeavored to provide the best value of the products at the most reasonable prices to all customers.

ISOPTIK’s customized ultra - progressive lenses are made using the latest digital 3D technology. They come with 180 - days satisfaction guarantee. We call it “ Better Life Guarantee ”. This basically means that our purposely created lenses guarantee that your quality of life will be better and improved after the wearing. Should the lenses disappoint our customers or they do not deliver what we promise, the lenses can be returned and claimed. The 3 to 30 year warranty and protection plan include the change of vision, loss or accidents.

At ISOPTIK, quality is our priority. We pay close attention to all the details of the eye and vision examination, whether they are big or small details, mainly because we are dedicated to the making of the custom-made ultra - progressive eyeglasses using the latest digital 3D technology for our prestigious customers who put their trust in us all along.

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses