Supreme quality of vision at all distance – for better quality of life


ISOPTIK Vision and Eyeglasses Center offers a premium expertise in the making of tailored optimized ultra - progressive eyeglasses, made using advanced digital 3D technology according to each individual viewing behavior and assessment from the eye examination. The top quality eyeglasses are custom - made based on the binocular viewing test which contributes to accurate details for lenses design. ISOPTIK’s eyeglasses promise natural vision at all eye angles, glances, and distances at every split second of the wearing. The eyeglasses come with the ultimate wearing comfort, delivering the best quality of vision that can significantly boost the brain power, and bring back the vision the wearers once had in their teenage years.

ISOPTIK has developed the most reliable and advanced technology for eye and vision examination using sophisticated and high tech tools to analyze each customer’s viewing behavior. The digital 3D technology yields accurate results and precise calculation for positioning the lenses center to align with the focal point of transmitted light in each eye to create lenses prototype to be assembled onto the digital 3D virtual try - on frame for the customer to experience the visual clarity that is as close to the real eyeglasses as possible.


The head size measurement is then followed. This process includes the utilization of digital 3D facial features technology to obtain information and details of the customer’s head shape and facial structure. All information gathered, along with assessment from primary eye examination, will be employed for the lenses and frame design and making.

The finished eyeglasses will be thoroughly inspected for quality control by Bobi himself before releasing them to the customers, to make sure that they deliver the highest quality of vision and the ultimate wearing comfort.


Bobi says, “ I believe that we all have been blessed by God in so many ways, and that we need to pass on these blessings by paying them forward to the others indefinitely. If we are able to make someone’s life better with the blessings that we receive from God, that is the greatest good of all, as great as one human being can do to another human being. God gives lives with purpose. He creates men, and blessed them with full potential. May I pass on my belief and blessings to all of you who dare to dream and dare to make things happen. Keep doing what you love, dare to believe, dare to pray and dare to put your hands and mind on great things for the greater good of this world.

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses