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Warranty terms and conditions for ISOPTIK’s progressive eyeglasses

1. Standard Service and Support Warranty for Progressive Eyeglasses

1.1 180 days satisfaction guarantee is offered with every purchase of lens for an unlimited number of incidents except lost.

1.2 Three-year lens coating quality guarantee under specified conditions.

2. ISOPTIK’s progressive eyeglasses lenses are digital 3D custom-made using the latest technology. Each pair is purposely designed and carefully produced for each wearer. Bobi utilizes the most advanced lens technology that generate surfacing of lenses in power increments of 0.01 diopter. The lenses are designed and created based on the eye examination, test results, and assessment of each wearer’s viewing behavior including binocular test. The lenses are then put into the selected frame that promises to deliver the most wearing comfort and the highest vision quality at all distance in every split second.

3. Following the assembly of the eyeglasses, is series of quality checks and inspections. Bobi performs comprehensive final check before releasing each pair of the eyeglasses to each of his customer. The hand-over session requires real-time eyeglasses trial as the final check for correct frame position on each customer’s face. The vision clarity is tested at all distance according to the wearer’s viewing behavior to ensure that the highest quality of vision is truly achieved.

4. A team of Doctor of Optometry at ISOPTIK performs eye and vision examination including the binocular viewing test at all angle and direction. Aided by the latest digital 3D technology and sophisticated devices, the team then gives comprehensive assessment and analyses to Bobi for the customized design and production of progressive lenses that promise the most natural and crystal clear vision and the utmost wearing comfort.

5. Every pair of ISOPTIK’s progressive lenses are designed by Bobi, and manufactured using the most advanced and sophisticated computer system and software from Germany.

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