The inspiring story behind the making of ISOPTIK’s Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses

Bobi - The Director, ISOPTIK – Bangkok’s finest eyeglasses boutique

For most people, when asked about childhood dream jobs, the common answers to the infamous question are rather typical, movie stars, singers, astrologers, doctors, chefs, you name it. In reality, most people end up having different careers than their younger selves imagined but not Bobi.

At the age of seven, Little Bobi’s mind was always set on becoming the world’s best eyeglasses maker. His dream was certainly different from many other kids’, but it was the start of something great that has later on, forever changed many lives.

Bobi was born in Trang, Thailand. His father was one of the legendary experts in an optical business. He was considered one of the best hi-end eyeglasses makers in that period of time. Growing up, Bobi had slowly learned and wrapped his brain around his father’s expertise and techniques of 3D eyeglasses making. His passion for eyeglasses making grew larger than anyone could ever imagine.

After spending years and years developing himself and his techniques, working tirelessly on studies and researches, in order to make the best eyeglasses for his customers. Bobi is finally recognized in the eyeglasses making industry, and widely credited for his work as a prestigious maker of customized Ultra Individual Progressive Eyeglasses made using digital 3D advanced technology.

Bobi believes, “Life is beautiful, and Sight is life”. Imagine how nice and comfortable it would be to have crystal clear vision that gives the most natural feeling without any discomforts. Work and study would be much easier, smoother, and more productive. Having good vision is one of the foundations to great happiness in life. This is the simple but very critical logic behind Bobi’s drive and passion to improve every single one of his customers’ life quality by giving them the opportunity to have the highest quality of vision through his flawless work.

Bobi says, “We are completely distinctive from the other eyeglasses boutiques. We make eyeglasses purely based on customization process. The 3D digital technology promises the most accurate and precise eye examination results and analysis used to create the eyeglasses that deliver crystal clear vision and ultimate wearing comfort at all angles and distances. We do not sell only eyeglasses, but also the highest vision quality at every split second.”

Under Bobi’s supreme care and attention to the high standard of eye examination, the assessment gives the most accurate and precise results for the making of eyeglasses for each of Bobi’s customer. ISOPTIK’s eye examination process also includes the binocular viewing test which critically contributes to correct details for lenses design. End result is the customized eyeglasses piece that promises not only natural images at all eye angles, glances, and distances, but also the wearing comfort that do not demand drastic adjustment from the wearers.

If you are curious to find out how ISOPTIK’s Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses can boost your brain function and increase your brain power by leaps and bounds, please do make a visit. We would be more than happy to welcome you in to see for yourself the quality of vision that we are able to offer.

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