Introducing the breakthrough of the Ultra Individual Progressive Eyeglasses made using the latest 3D digital technology, for the highest quality of vision.

Introducing the breakthrough of the Ultra Individual Progressive Eyeglasses made using the latest 3D digital technology, for the highest quality of vision.

ISOPTIK is uplifting the standard of eye examination, in order to create the best Ultra Individual Progressive Eyeglasses specifically for each of the customer. The most advanced 3D digital technology allows ISOPTIK professional staff and top-notched Doctors of Optometry to produce premium seamless multi-focal eyeglasses that promise to enhance not only the customers’ vision quality, but also the efficiency of their brain in leaps and bounds.

At ISOPTIK, we base our beliefs on improving the overall quality of life to all customers. We commit ourselves to provide not only the best eyeglasses but also the highest quality of vision at every split second. Since possessing high quality of vision bring back the feeling of youthfulness people used to have in their teenage years, it is our primary objective to help our customers achieve good vision and maintain the highest quality of their vision for as long as possible.

Well known for his downright serious working style, Bobi makes no compromise to any flaws or imperfections in his work. He is a perfectionist, meaning that he never stops at where he stands. He is always eager to make today better than yesterday, and he stays committed to make tomorrow better than today. Whatever he puts his hands on, he has to master it. He always has goals and objectives set in his mind. Bobi is passionate about self-development. Determined to be the best of the best, he has dedicated his life and time to train both his team of staff and also himself, so that he and his team are able to offer the highest quality of products and service to all his customers.

Employing the most advanced techniques and technology, Bobi’s eye examination and vision test yield the most precise and accurate results that allow him to make the eyeglasses that give three most critical outcomes to his customers. Wearing Bobi’s eyeglasses, his customers must “ see better ”, “ feel better ”, and “ look better ”.

Bobi’s work promises the crystal clear vision that comes with the ultimate wearing comfort, His basic life motto is, “Life is too short to limit your vision”, and he indeed is trying to provide the highest quality of vision to all his customers without any limitations.

Today, Bobi keeps maintaining the high standard of his products and service by quality control and personal inspection of every single piece of his eyeglasses before releasing them to each customer. This way, he is able to rest assured that all customers receive the highest quality eyeglasses that comes with utmost wearing comfort. High quality of vision is a brain efficiency booster that would allow Bobi’s customers to enjoy their life to the fullest. The after sales service includes lens satisfaction guarantee up to 30 years. This is truly the highest service standard offer available in the market that, certainly could not be found anywhere else. ISOPTIK’s high standard of products and service are the keys to rapid success that makes the boutique become widely known among the eyeglasses wearers both domestically and internationally.

Could a pair of eyeglasses change someone’s life? Many people find it impossible to believe it could. Nevertheless, Bobi has proved everyone that a good pair of eyeglasses could indeed change lives though his miraculous work. His lifetime dedication to the eyeglasses making confirms his team of staff that hard work always pays off. The achievements are the most precious reward brought by his determination. “ We look through our eyes, but we see through our brain ” – this is the basic foundation why it is best to do whatever you can so that the brain and the eyes stay well functioned. All eye problems, namely, nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, squint-eyed, strabismus, etc - that dysfunction the eyes to deliver a proper visual image to the brain, signal the brain to force the eyes to push harder effort into staring and gazing. Repeated pattern like this could deteriorate your brain ability, and make you feel weary and fatigued. The best solution to this problem is to improve your eyes ability to “ look ”, so that your brain can “ see ”. When your eyes and your brain work well together, they are able to generate the perfect three dimensional vision. Attaining that crystal clear vision can significantly improve your brain power, leaving you feel empowered and energized just like you used to be in your teenage years.

Bobi personally believes that life is too short to waste the time and energy on tolerating with poor quality of vision, which may lead to brain deficiency. At ISOPTIK, we commit ourselves to making it possible for the customers who are 40 years old and above ( even up to 90 years old ) to regain the vision they once had in their teenage years. Thousands of ISOPTIK’s happy customers are proves that our eyeglasses can indeed change their lives by giving them the crystal clear vision that they deserve.

ISOPTIK’s eyeglasses are not only handmade, but they are also heart-made. Whenever Bobi faces customers with severely complicated vision problems, he always gives his best and devote his time to come up with the best solution for them. Bobi never stops learning; he says, “ I am always hungry for new knowledge so that I can help these customers. I never give up on any customers with difficult cases. I am passionate about helping them. The essence of going through these difficult cases is to be added to the existing ISOPTIK’s body of knowledge, so that we keep developing ourselves to be the best in the business. ”

It is Bobi’s aspiration to make the world’s best top-end eyeglasses because he has the passion and faith in providing the highest quality of vision to humanity.

Bobi syas, “ Life is beautiful, and sight is life ”. Good vision is precious, therefore, it is significant to have good vision to live a beautiful life. My happiness is stemmed from upbringing people’s quality of life through good quality of vision my eyeglasses bring.

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