Life is Beautiful and Sight is Life with Ultra Digital 3D Individual Progressive Eyeglasses

The most natural and comfortable feeling of having a crystal clear vision at every split second belongs to young people. However, this ability tends to start fading away right after you reach the age of 30. The effectiveness of your brain functionality starts to decline. Therefore, you feel tired and fatigued easily especially when you have to stare at the computer screen for hours, or read work documents and papers all day long. As you grow older, your ability to gaze or stare at things is weakened lead to uncomfortable and you can’t read as usual distance anymore. It is called farsightedness at near distance symptom.

The single vision eyeglasses help you see object at near distance become clearer but you will start to get out of focus overtime as it used to be in your age.

Therefore, seamless progressive eyeglasses were invented to deliver clearer and better vision that comes with the wearing comfort at all distance but low vision quality. Wearers have to force focusing their brain to adapt to these limitations of the lenses resulting in uncomfortable. High distort vision on the side of the lenses, difficult to adjustable, changing power of the lenses from distance to near vision is not smooth as it used to be and slow focusing ability. Each year, a number of eyeglasses wearers are wasting a countless times of thirty thousand Thai Baht on theses progressive lenses made using an old technology, which do not come with any guarantee whether they can use it or not, lenses quality warranty is unclear.

At ISOPTIK, we create the Ultra Digital 3D Progressive Individual eyeglasses with the latest technology to provide you natural with instant crystal clear vision in millisecond, precise and accurate made with advanced digital 3D technology by the expert in this field developed by Bobi. Every eyeglasses are designed and crafted to match with individual eyes of each wearer compatible with the frame resulting in full performance cooperate between each eyes and can enjoy 3D vision without any obstacle. Improve the brain functional to do other thing rather than force focusing. Empowered and energized like when you were young once again.

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses