Grandmaster Bobi and his life story : The expert in Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses making utilizing the latest innovative technology

FFA measurement

I was born and raised in Trang Province. The family business “Sawang Optical”, a hi-end optical shop owned by my father, Khun Sawang, was a well-known eyeglasses vendor. God has gifted my father with his brilliant mind and intellectual, his eyeglasses were made with top quality and regarded as “expensive but worth the price” eyeglasses. One of his customers had to relocate to Chiang Mai but he had to travel all the way back to Trang in order to have his eyeglasses re-made by my father.

When I was seven years old, I had a dream. In my dream, well-dressed businessmen from all over the world, travel on an airplane to see me and have their eyeglasses made with me. I was an expert in making the world-best eyeglasses. When I woke up, I ran to my father, told him about my dream with excitement. He gently smiled and said “you can do anything if you only believe”. From that point on, I was very determined to make my dream come true.

Face Form Angle measurement on customer aka FFA

After years of dedication, I prayed to God to give me the intelligence and willpower to do study, research and collect the information from the world-eye experts, then expanded my knowledge to initiate to new standard of eye examination to create The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses at ISOPTIK. Utilizing the latest technology, we areable tomeasure, elaborately design and create the customized products that offer the highest resolution, crystal clear vision, and wearing comfort at all distance to the customers.We have been the top seller of hi-end progressive eyeglasses lens for several years. I myself have been invited to give lectures on eye examination for seamless multifocal progressive eyeglasses both in the regions of Asia and Europe, and regarded as “a world-class Thai expert in the best eye examination for hi-end seamless multifocal eyeglasses”

God has his plans andhas given me the direction to start ISOPTIK and found a new standard system of eye examination, designing, and assembling the world-best eyeglasses for my customers. My work is to create the best pair of eyeglasses for customers, that provides the highest quality of vision, and comes with the wearing comfortas if the eyeglasses were an actual part of the body, so that they no longer have to deal with low quality of vision and related physical problems that the poorly-made eyeglasses usually give. It’s my pleasure to see my customers gaining more energy, feeling less weary, and living their lives to the fullest. Seeing my customers’ happiness is my success.

CVD measurement

More and more international visitors come to see me for what I have done. The vision and dream that I had 40 years ago has become clearer than ever. As a Christian, I strongly believe that we are all blessed from God, and it is our responsibility to pay it forward indefinitely. If we can help and improve a life of one person through our gift from God, that is the greatest good a human being can ever make to another human being. Please allow me to pass on my belief to all Christians, that God creates human beings with great potentials. Do believe, do pray, do have the courage to do greater good, and do make each day count. One day, you might wake up just to find yourself one of the greatest persons of the world who can make the greatest contribution to the life of the others.

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