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ISOPTIK The Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre is the first eye care centre setting new benchmark in vision care arena on eye examination, seamless Ultra Digital 3 D Progressive Individual lens design and eyeglasses assembly with the latest hi-end technology. Our team members of professional optometrist, doctor of optometry and optician work together to ensure that the customers not only receive the quality eyeglasses but also the excellent vision that the newest technology can achieve. Ultimately, we aim for retaining our customers’ best visual quality for the longest time as possible.

Bobi is a very determined optician who has never given up to any difficulties. His perfectionist drives him to make everyday a better day and carry on creating today’s excellence on top of yesterday’s one. The quality of the lens here has never been compromised. Bobi checks the lenses thoroughly by himself to ensure all customers will receive the best products. Our customers can rest assured that the seamless Ultra Digital 3 D Progressive Individual lens designed by ISOPTIK are carefully measured and accurately produced to be a customized visual solution for all specific needs.


The lens holds 3 special features as “see better, “feel better” and “look better”. Here, every single lens is our masterpiece offering comfortable feeling with clear viewing while the wearer will be enchanted with better personality. Apart from the comfort, the Hi-End Ultra Digital 3 D Progressive Individual lens boosts energy of the wearer who will feel less tired but more energetic at work. At the same time, they will enjoy themselves for a younger-looking appearance and sense of being active again. This exclusive care in the products derived from Bobi’s philosophy of “Life is too short to limit your vision.”

Pupillary Height measurement aka PH

Bobi still put his rigorous attention in quality control in all eyeglasses produced by ISOPTIK. This can ensure that all customers will receive the glasses that give comfortable feeling, boost up energy in work and surprisingly bring back their youthfulness. They will enjoy working more while feeling less exhausted. At the same time, they will be happy with their lifestyle. Due to non-stop product development, the quality of the glasses has been tremendously improved from the past. In addition, ISOPTIK distinguishes itself by offering the longest after-sales satisfaction warrantee of 30 years for each pair of lenses. We are proud to be the only one who is confident in our product and it is our privilege to present this exclusive guarantee to all customers. With the distinctive quality of products and premium guarantee, ISOPTIK has become highly popular among local and international customers. A large number of returning ones as well as new comers have found us because of the wide spread from word of mouth. This has continuously contributed to our fast success and become a leader in this business.”


Many people don’t believe that one pair of eyeglasses can change one’s life. In fact, this has been proven to be true from Bobi’s passion in his career throughout his life along with his own hands and great expertise. Customer satisfaction has been a great reward for him and his team at ISOPTIK.

Cornea Vertex Distance measurement aka CVD

Bobi’s Philosophy

“My intention in establishing ISOPTIK Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre is to make it beyond an ordinary eye care centre. I aim to achieve the best visual quality for our customers from the most advance technology and our high standard of service. Therefore, ISOPTIK has been developed to offer the quality of vision to all customers and their family members from the first glance to the last gaze in their life. I believe that good vision quality also links to the effective brain operation because we see things with our eyes but the signal interpretation of objects is processed in our brain. When the eyes send blurry vision to the brain owing to short-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, strabismus, cross-eye, latent strabismus, or problem with 3D visual perception, the brain will try so hard to focus in order to create the clearest view. Once the brain has continuously worked hard to focus for a long time, the brain operation for another function will decrease and inevitably create physical tiredness.

Pupillary Height measurement aka PH

However, if we can correct the eye problems to obtain the perfect 3D reception, we can help our brain to work less and retrieve the sense of being young. As a result, the brain will operate proficiently in thinking and decision making regardless of how old you are. I believe that life is too short to bear with unclear vision. It is a waste of our brain energy on trying to focus on things around. To increase the clarity of the vision, our brain has to work more to compensate on the eye sight deterioration. Although our visual quality drops for 10%, the brain will ineffectively function over 10%. At ISOPTIK, we highly value in bringing back the better visual quality for customers no matter they are 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or even 90 years old. We try our best to help our customers to regain their sight and feeling young again. A large number of our customers have already experienced this with their eyes.”

PD measurement

“ISOPTIK created the premium quality of Ultra Digital 3 D Progressive Individual lens and we are better than any other vision centres because we do it from our real interest and passion in giving the best product to our customers. The difficult cases are always under our extensive care to provide the best vision on top of the quality eyeglasses. Our continuous research and studies are integrated to solve the difficulty and support the advancement in our products and service. I believe in the efficiency and strength of the human visual system. I also trust that “Life is beautiful and sight is life”. My happiness happens when I can improve one’s life by giving my customers the best vision. This is the reason why I have dedicated myself in creating the eyeglasses that solve visual problems, give comfort and improve the appearance of the wearer. For me, it is not enough to give good vision but every single view must be clear instantly and naturally. When wearing my eyeglasses, the customers will feel comfortable and energetic. Most of all, they can fully have fun with their lifestyle.”


Every pair of eyeglasses produced by ISOPTIK must pass through the quality check in all steps by Bobi so our eyeglasses offer the best visual quality with latest advance technology used in eye examination, seamless Ultra Digital 3 D Progressive Individual lens design and eyeglasses assembly. For Bobi, if he intends in doing anything, it must be the best one only. This is why the eyeglasses from ISOPTIK guaranteed 3 special features of seeing better, feeling better and offering enchanting appearance to all customers.

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