Highest visibility in all distances for better life

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" Life is too short to limit your vision "
Highest visibility in all distances for better life :

Every day, the specialist team in the specific field of ophthalmologists and the doctor of optometry team from ISOPTIK corporate with the specialists in both inside and outside of Thailand have helped a countless of people by preventing visibility decay from eyes disease and other related disease achieved by running through the eye examinations and analysis in any tiny piece of detail. ISOPTIK puts in the ultimate care and quality services for every customer to obtain the highest visibility in all distances as much as possible for as long as the technology can be.

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Apart from ISOPTIK being the best and the most expensive eye examination centre for Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses, Master Bobi have a dream to taking care of everyone’s eye-health since the day they are born till their last days. He has a plan to investing 300 billion baht to establish an all rounded ISOPTIK Eyeglasses Centre. The aim of this centre is to maintain the highest visibility quality either infant, teenage, working age or even elder one for as long as possible where the technology can be with the combination from ISOPTIK’s specialist team of ophthalmologists and doctor of optometry team corporate with specialists around the world operate under the policy of no medication prescription, no operations and no disease detection but with only most technological advanced centre for fundamental check-ups and examinations hub before transferring to other centre around the world which will be open for 100 branches situated in Shanghai, Beijing, Munich, Tokyo, New Delhi, Dubai, Moscow, New York and other major metropolis around the world.

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After that, the Hi-End Shopping Centre will be created under the idea of “ Hi-End Life, Hi-End Product, Hi-End Shopping Centre.” Every product and service will be “ Better Life Guaranteed,” where 100 percent refund can be done within 120 days of purchase policy if satisfaction is not met. Every product is guaranteed that there will be no other with higher quality than the ones found in this centre. You can also order products via Hi-End Call Centre where anything and everything are customizable. Whether it is a billion baht customized purse, a 50 billion baht watch with family photo inside it, a billion baht fish, a ten thousand baht stake, a million baht wine, a thousand baht watermelon, or 300 billion baht sport car this centre will have them all.

When I retired around 60 years old, I will establish a new political group where citizens can access for 24 hours which will change the games of politics in Thailand and increase the standard for development in the country to God’s standards for stabilization. This then will be the gift to the future generations.

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God guided me to open ISOPTIK Eyeglasses Centre in order to improve the standard of eye examinations and customized Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses of the latest technology designs and production in order to improve and maintain the highest visibility quality with comfortable which will helps people increasing their productivity and prevents their eyes from getting tried and sore. Better Life is guaranteed at our centre and you will experience the visibility like a young person once again which will persuade people around the world to come to our centre like his dream from 20 years ago.

I believe if Thai people paid much afford in doing something, they will be no inferior to any other nationals. We can make the best quality products in the world but are still lack of supports. I am proud to have proven to the world that a Thai national makes the best customised Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses of the latest technology in the world.

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I wish to send this belief to everyone especially the next generations to follow your ambition and become the specialist or entrepreneur recognized by the world.

First, one must stick and trust the belief. It is easier for those whom believe in God since we already trust in Him that there is nothing we cannot do. There is no force greater than God. For those who have not known of him, I advise you to pray to God and trust in Him and your energy. Believe that God created every human for a purpose.

Face Form Angle measurement on customer aka FFA

Thus, first we must believe in ourselves. Stop thinking that you cannot do this and restrict yourselves in the end. Be optimistic and trust in your ability in achieving your dreams. Even though, it may not be easy to discover yourself and your interests. If that is the case, I suggest that you try everything possible. That way, you know which you do not enjoy and which makes you happy. Find out what you do best and that is better than anyone else. Continue to grow every day and advance everyday till you forget day and night doing it. That is your dream.

Whenever we pursue something, think of advancing it every day. 10 years may past by and one day we will wake up realizing that we have become the best in that area. Thus, think every day that we will make tomorrow a better day.

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Anyone could do it if they believe in themselves. Don’t bother on the little things. Dream and don’t let thoughts of those who may crush our dreams be a factor in your lives. I ask of parents to not crush their child’s dreams. I am aware that in some family, they wish for their child to be a doctor and have stable, recognized positions in their career but where your child happiness in this equation is. Happiness comes from doing what one enjoys best.

Thus if your child has a dream, don’t crush them. Instead, observe and support them. If your child dreams of becoming a chef who makes the most delicious stir fried vegetables, I guarantee that in the future that child will become rich and famous because people from around the world will travel to eat his food. His food can be sold from 100 to 500 or even 1,000 baht per plate. I ensure you, people will eat them despite the prices since it’s delicious and the best in the world. They will be successful.

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