Grandmaster Bobi, the Founder of Advance Progressive Addition Lenses Club ( APC )


Apart from managing ISOPTIK Eyeglasses Centre, Bobi is also the founder of Advance Progressive Addition Lenses Club ( APC ) The APC provides information and knowledge on eye examinations and assembling process of the eyeglasses by optician experts and progressive eyewear users from all over the world via The aim of APC is to increase the standard of progressive eyewear and eye examination worldwide.


Bobi transmits his knowledge about examining eyes and assembling progressive eyewear in order to producing the highest quality products to eye experts around the world to obtain the way of good quality progressive glasses. He teaches opticians around the world without the restriction of his knowledge that he know. His students are able to learn within one day and apply the knowledge right away. Bobi always tells his students that, Anything is possible when you believed. You only need to believe, study and open up for new possibilities and watch for whatever comes next as a result.

Bobi always has faith in humanities potential and he believe that we all got blessing for God. You only need to switch from negativity to positivity and your life will be improved overnight.

When Bobi shares his knowledge on assembling the perfect progressive eyeglasses to worldwide experts, he often says, “All you have to do is only believe and do what I say. Tomorrow, the miracle will happen in your optical shop.” Bobi’s teaching has been regarded as quick for results since it often changes the thoughts and mentality of his audiences.

Face Form Angle measurement aka FFA

Bobi is well known all over the world for his expertise, not only as an optician but also as a great teacher for other opticians. He believes if he could change someone’s life, he has accomplished in life. has been providing eye examinations and progressive eyeglasses assembling processes techniques for more than 10 years. For the safely and integrity of the customers, this website provides straight forward information without any hidden excerpts. This is because there are many progressive lenses from old technologies that are expensive ( 50,000 baht per pair ) and their usages are much worse than 5,000 baht pair of progressive lenses. Even big European corporations tried to shut down this website, but they failed to do so. These corporations also threatened Bobi to the point where his family does not feel safe.

PTA measurement

The fact is that today, there are still many people with low quality but yet suffered pricey progressive eyeglasses. Millions people around the world paid more than ten thousand baht for these ineffective eyeglasses. These glasses caused dizziness and headaches because they are made out of expensive old technological progressive lenses that do not fit or cannot be bent to the same angle of the new frames. Furthermore, these lens structures do not take into consideration the natural behavior in the eyes of each individual customer. Some opticians may take wrong and inaccurate measurements during eye examination and analysis processes. Only 20 percent of the expensive old technological; progressive eyeglasses are efficient and effective for usage. However, they are still uncomfortable. Other 80 percent of these progressive eyeglasses are completely ineffective and cannot be used and they are also non-refundable. 99.99% of Bobi’s ultra progressive glasses are guaranteed to be comfortable wear for everyone. They are guarantee satisfaction of actual use for 120 days otherwise they are 100 percent refundable. This makes ISOPTIK’s eyewear and customer’s service famous around the world and creates new standards of Optical Acuity for ultra progressive eyewear in the world. This proves that, “A Thai optician does the best eye examination and creates best glasses for The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses users.”

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses