Curved Frame Eyeglasses

Curved frame eyeglasses

Why do some curved-frame glasses give dizziness and headaches ?

Most optician centres worldwide are still using single-layered lenses which is only compatible to old frames’ designs technology which are meant for no more than 5 degrees front frame curve. These lenses are then forced-fitted into frames that are curved far more than 5 degrees effecting the sharpness of the lens and results in narrowed visions and distorted visions. Therefore, headaches, dizziness, poor visibility, poor distance estimations of objects are common occurrences while wearing them. These old technology designed progressive lenses are very expensive and there are still many people using these eyeglasses that are not effective and efficient for daily usage in comparison to the money spent on them.

Curved frame eyeglasses

Why ISOPTIK’s eyeglasses still work well even in curved frames models ?

ISOPTIK is an expert in eye analysis and examination for progressive lens and eyewear. With the technologies used in our centre, the final products ( eyeglasses ) have gone through analysis, design and manufacture to match natural eyes behaviors customized for each individual customers even for curved-frame eyeglasses users. Through these processes and three-dimensional digital system, the distance between the eye and the lens, the curvature and tilt angle of the depression of the frames are calculated and taken into considerations while producing each curved frame eyeglasses. This ensures highest visibility and comfort at every angle.

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User of custom curved frame The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses from ISOPTIK : The Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre

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