Mr. Preecha Prakobkit’s life - changing experience from ISOPTIK – The maker of a million Baht pair of lenses

Mr. Preecha Prakobkit’s

Mr. Chaiwat : Mr. Preecha , how did you find out about ISOPTIK ?

Mr. Preecha : First of all , thank you very much for having me. I am extremely honored for this opportunity to share my experience with the other ISOPTIK’s customers , including the press and you , Mr. Chaiwat. I have been an ISOPTIK’s customer since I was 56. I am 68 now.

Being the Managing Director of Amway Thailand , I was frequently on the stage giving speeches to a large audience. The eyeglasses I used back then gave clear vision for near distance up to about three meters. In order to see the audience sitting far back , I had to take off my eyeglasses. Having to keep taking on and off my eyeglasses was very inconvenient.

On one occasion , after finishing my speech , I got off the stage , a person came up to me and handed me an envelope. I thought he was one of Amway businessmen. At the end of the event , I opened the envelope and found an invitation card for eyeglasses trial session at ISOPTIK.

The card read , ISOPTIK located at Erawan Building -- is the best , the most exclusive and the most expensive eyeglasses centre in the world. Seriously ! That was how it read ! and you know, it certainly caught my attention. My need for a good pair of eyeglasses became very strong since I turned 40 years old. I started to have a serious problem with eyeglasses especially when I had to drive.

I waited for a couple months until I had enough time to make my first visit to ISOPTIK. The visit was beyond expectation ! I had a chance to meet Bobi and tried on the eyeglasses that he recommended. I was so impressed with their eyeglasses and technology that I would be willing to pay no matter how expensive they were.

Since I only had far sightedness , I kept trying to find the right eyeglasses for me , and buying a new pair every now and then in the past five or six years prior to this. The prices I paid for my eyesight - related resolution ranged from 500 - 600 Baht for a pair of glasses up to 100,000 Baht for a pair of progressive lenses. After my first trial session with Bobi , I finally found the right eyeglasses for me. I waited for eight weeks to get my new prescription eyeglasses , and I’ve been wearing them for eight years now.

Mr. Chaiwat : Eight weeks is the standard waiting period to get your customized eyeglasses finished. So , how was the result ?

Mr. Preecha : The result was amazing ! As Bobi mentioned earlier about the discomfort feeling which occurs from the changing focus range when the head turns , it is so true , and it sure does make your life miserable ! So , I was very excited the day I got my eyeglasses from Bobi , all the troublesome feelings I used to get from old conventional eyeglasses were gone. After that , my eyesight changed a little bit as I got older – from 150 to 200 farsightedness. I think it is stabilizing now.

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