Master of THB 10 million Exclusive Eyeglasses


" Every breath of my life is devoted for eyeglasses " Ė Determination of Mr. Somboon Numtipjuntacharern , Director of ISOPTIK The Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre , located at AIA Capital Center Building on Rachadaphisek Road.

Master Bobi has had a long experience in eyeglasses since he was 7 years old. He learned and created new technique to be unique in this business. His specialized skill has been widely acknowledged in the international arena and he received the invitations from many countries to be guest speaker to teach and share his knowledge to their eye care entrepreneurs.


" I was invited to various countries such as China , Malaysia , Singapore , Denmark , Germany and France. Even though Germany has their advance technology , they struggle in producing excellent glasses as the ones they made didnít really perform at a satisfying stage and they couldnít solve this problem. They chose me due to my sales volume - I placed big order of lenses with them each month and my order could be 300 pairs more than the total amount ordered from the rest of the world. It turned out that I was the first and only one who could solve their problem , he stated proudly.


From travelling to many countries , Master Bobi is known under different names. Western people know him as " Bobby ". In China , they call him " Bohbi ". In Thailand , his students named him as " Bobi ".

ISOPTIK not only proves the quality through the sales volume but also the high standard of eye examination technology at the high resolution of 0.1 to obtain the precise powers for the customized glasses. Every pair of glasses is a master piece of handmade and expertise. No wonder why this unique quality attracts privileged customers who only seek for premium items and are willing to pay THB 10 million for the finest glasses of their own.


Over 30 years , Master Bobi has kept inventing and exploring the know - how of eye examination and searched for the best components to assemble and create the perfect glasses for our customers. Obviously , ISOPTIK customers are aware of this and give their trust in him.

" My customers always mention to me they feel very comfortable when they wear the glasses I made. The light weight makes them feel like they donít wear any glasses. Besides , they can see crystal clear in all angles. Some of them forget to take off their glasses when taking a shower , " Master Bobi described his customersí impression.

Our prices can definitely guarantee the premium quality. The customized glasses range from THB 70,000 to THB 9 million. The daily sales amount is between THB 1 million to THB 5 million.


Spending on Premium Selection Deserves Exclusive Impression

" I create the glasses that adjust to individual wearer so it is easy and comfortable for anyone who wears my glasses. My customers donít suffer from acclimatization time which is different from what they had experience from another typical glasses. If you wear glasses , you always hate the feeling when you first change your glasses and try so hard to adjust to this visual solution. Sometimes the new pair can be worse than the old one. You might end up in giving up and pay more to find another new pair. I always tell my customers that they should not waste their brain energy in acclimatization. They should use their brain to think of something else productive , " said Master Bobi.

In order to produce one great pair of eyeglasses , every production step is important and must be conducted thoroughly. At ISOPTIK , we specially focus from the beginning in eye examination which can take 2 hours. Then , the whole process can be up to 2 months until the glasses are ready in customersí hands.


Although other places attempt to copy ISOPTIK , unfortunately they fail because a great deal of expertise and attention to details are indispensible to make premium glasses and Master Bobi possesses them by his eagerness to be the best optician while other people must be trained to be up to his standard. " Our care starts from patient history check , behavior analysis , eye scanning including cornea and retina. The most crucial step is prescription reading. Although the opticians might use the same machine but if they donít know how to read the data, they canít make good glasses then. One machine can give 100 readings. Some opticians use only 2 items while I use almost every data. My point is I would like to create the glasses that even old grandfather can wear them to work comfortably in front of computer screen for 18 hours. This is how I design the glasses for my customers , " Master Bobi expressed his determination.


" My glasses are unique due to the technology used in the lens design. Typical lens only accommodates short-sightedness and astigmatism. However , my lens accommodates million of different powers derived from the high resolution scanning. This means the wearer can perceive the clear vision in an instant from every corner, " he added.

One more special feature from ISOPTIK is the light weight frame. It is a made to order product reflecting individual style of the wearer. The frames are priced from THB 30,000 to THB 9 million adorned with sparkling pink diamond. The customer can freely select their own design.


ISOPTIK customers are mixed between local and international. They are high potential group who only select the best for themselves. A lot of them are our loyal customers purchasing from 2 pairs to 20 pairs. To express our appreciation for their trust in our service, we offer after sales guarantee from 2 - 20 years to ease their worrisome in case of glasses broken or lost.

It is our true honor to take care of our prestige customers such as Ms. Churairat Diskul Na Ayudhya , Mr. Jutinan Bhirombhakdi , Preecha Prakobkit , Ex - Managing Director , Amway ( Thailand ) , Mr. Kranphol Asawasuwan.


Master Bobi confidently confirmed the vision quality derived from his eye glasses is better than one from Lasik technology. Many people received visual correction via Lasik always experience the blurry boundary.

For stock traders , Master Bobi also creates the glasses which can speedy focus for clear vision so the stock traders will not miss the opportunity to make profit from clear vision when reading data on the screen either at the Stock Exchange Center or anywhere else.


It was a long journey for Master Bobi to achieve his success today in the eye care business. He had learned from his father since he was young and try to apply and develop his expertise until now to achieve and maintain the quality that his customers can trust.

It is not an easy success for Master Bobi to be widely accepted and become well known among all valued customers. When he was young, Master Bobi helped his dad in the optical store in Trang province. One customer asked his dad , " Mr. Sawang I really like your glasses. No one else can make them as good as you. What if you are not around , who will help me create such a comfortable pair of glasses ? " His father smiled widely and pointed to a little boy next to him , then replied , " Donít worry. My son will carry on creating the best eyeglasses for you. "


That night Master Bobi dreamed of customers travelling from various parts around the world including Royal family members , Presidents , Generals of the Army lining up to have their glasses produced by Master Bobi. The next day , he retold his dream to his father happily. " Belief can create everything , " his father inspired him. The clear picture from that dream replayed his mind and motivated him to be the world best optician. Since then he has paid all of his attention in every detail to create premium eyeglasses for his customers.


Thirty years later , he has his own know-how and it becomes the secret technique that can only be found at ISOPTIK. Although there are another eye centres under the same family business in Krabi and Surat Thani , the technology used is different from here.

Generally , people might think that our glasses are expensive. There is a chance that the prices will drop and become affordable for wider market once Master Bobi has a chance to teach his technique to more entrepreneurs. Unfortunately , he is currently the only one who knows the technique and how to make the best The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses to serve the need and life style of his customers.

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