Mr.Angelito D. Ferrer

Business Leader, Healthcare Support Services
N Health Healthcare Service Solutions and The Bangkok Hospital Group

I remember noticing farsightedness at about 41 years old as I began to positioning material further and further away to be able to comfortably read. Not long after that, I started using Progressive Addition Lenses ( PAL ).

The first 2 sets of my PAL eyeglasses were ineffective. I gave up trying to adjust the first one within a week and the second one force me to adjust to its limitations to alleviate my problems.

It did feel unnatural at all, with maximum of 2 hours straight on a computer and then overly strained, blurred come to me. I have to rest my eyes at least an hour by taking the glasses off before continue my work again.

My first PAL was very imprecise lead me felt unsafe and I never used them unless working at a desk. Followed with the second was still imprecise but I could adjusted to it with prolonged use. Sides distorted vision is unavoidable from progressive lenses and yes, the frequent quick movement of the head from side to side would result in uncomfortable headache and nausea. It definitely took me more than just half a second and I think the eyes were strained from the constant effort to focus and refocus resulting in blurred vision from extended use. It takes more than a second to find focus when glancing sideways. And it takes at least 2 seconds to find focus when moving or turning my head quickly. When I looked down to read or stare at the computer screen, I felt like the angle at which focus has achieved was unnatural.

The moment I tried high end Rodenstock progressive lenses which Isoptik designed and dispensed, it was absolutely easier for adjustment. Less than half a day, I got used to it even walking or driving as well as working on a screen. I wear the eyeglasses from getting up in the morning till I retire to bed. I feel more comfortable and natural compared to all my previous PAL eyeglasses. I could estimate the distance precisely, especially while driving, almost as if I wasnít wearing any eyeglasses at all.

Walking on unleveled floor, steps and stairs are gone although on very steep stairs I take the precaution of double checking, these situations donít really come up very often. Flashing images, sideways distorted vision and a headache accompanying quick movements are not just lessened, they are gone. It hasnít happened in the 2 years I have used Rodenstock lenses from Isoptik.

At any distance, speed of focus is fast and feels very natural to me. What amaze me are the sharpness, color and clarity of the lenses. When I glance sideways or turn my head quickly, the speed of the focus increases in less than a second. This is amazing experience after putting up with the limitations of my previous PAL lenses. Again, the unusual strain at the back of my neck hasnít happened at all with Rodenstock lenses designed by Isoptik.

For my work at the centers around infection control and patient safety, it demands concentration, analysis and substantial reading in both printed material and screens to keep up with the latest development in sterile processing technique, equipment and trends. Up-to-date knowledge ensures that we can deliver the highest standards of patient safety in all our hospitals. The clarity, wide field of vision, and natural feeling of use with Rodenstock lenses dispensed by Isoptik bring me back one of the most important resource to do my job well which is my vision.

The standard answer I got from other optical shops to deal with my previous lenses is get used to it and tried. With ISOPTIK, it is like night and day. Apart from advanced vision tests, they also interviewed and observed my head and eye position for reading or looking around which is very important aspect. ISOPTIKís team is very helpful, friendly, react to customer needs and they provide all range of service such as nose pad replacement, glasses cleaning, frame position correction, vision test to ensure they have accurate prescription. To correct my tiny problem, they reproduced a new set of glasses. The Rodenstock lenses designed by ISOPTIK are highly recommended.

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