Mr.Angelito D. Ferrer

Mr. Angelito D. Ferrer
Former Business Leader, Healthcare Support Services N Health Healthcare Service Solution and the Bangkok Hospital Group

“ Clarity, colorful and crystal clear through the lenses is an amazing experience. All the tension in the back of my neck was gone”

" I'm years old from the Philippines. I started having nearsightedness at the age of 41.
When I looks nearly object, I had to stretch my arms farther away to be able to read properly.
So, I started using progressive eyeglasses but I feel uncomfortable at all.
Even try hard for adaptation, it was not successful. After a dozen of pairs of progressive eyeglasses from many stores, I still have to resist myself to adjust to the limitations of the eyeglasses in order to decrease the problem of my vision.

No matter how hard I tried, the eyeglasses still doesn't give me a natural feeling of comfortable.
I can work with eyeglasses continuously for only two hours. After that, my eyes will
feeling very tired and see blurry images which made it impossible to continue working.
I had to take my eyeglasses off for an hour for my eyes to rest before putting them on again.

I feel unsafe and so I don't wear eyeglasses at all except when working at my back desk.
I tried so hard until I can adapt to the eyeglasses but the side of the image is still wrong
and very crazy. When turning my head from side to side will see flickering images.
Difficult to shift focus, causing headaches and nausea, taking more than half a second to
find the focus point make me get fatigue from trying back and forth continually and cause blurred images after wearing eyeglasses for a long time.
When I looking sideways while turning my head rapidly, it takes at least two seconds to focus. When I look down to read a book or stare at a computer screen, I feel that the vision doesn’t have a natural feeling.

After I switched to the Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses from ISOPTIK which have the highest quality, I can clearly feel the difference clearly.
When I compared to the normal progressive lenses that I've been wearing all my life, I don't have to adjusted to the eyeglasses. Very comfortable to the eyes both walking or driving, including
working on a computer screen. I can wear the eyeglasses from the time I wake up until I go to bed since it feels comfortable and natural just like when I was young. When driving
I was able to accurately measure the distance as if I wasn’t wearing eyeglasses at all.
Various problems happened whether walking on different levels or go up and down the stairs even the steep stairs. Normally, I have to make sure and check my confident before walking. There is no more flickering images or distortion when looking sideways. Headache
caused by turning around quickly completely disappeared.

The speed to find the focus points from far to near and near to far is very naturally.
When I look to the side or turn my head around, focusing speed occurs within milliseconds. What impresses me is the most Sharpness, Color and Clarity which seen through the lenses is miracle. all the tension in the back of my neck was gone.

My work at N Health Healthcare Service Solutions and the group of
The Bangkok Hospital Group related to infection control and
patient safety making it require attention to detail data analysis.
Reading information from both publications and on the computer to keep pace with the
development of techniques. The disinfection process and a new equipment emerging
so that we can provide services with the highest standards of safety for patients in the Bangkok Hospital Group. A Clear vision, a wider field, a natural sensation obtained from the ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses is an important factor to improve my work too. That's why I strongly recommend ISOPTIK Progressive Eyeglasses."

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