Pol. Maj. Gen. Somsak Prasansuk

Pol. Maj. Gen. Somsak Prasansuk
Former Commander of Crime Suppression Division

My vision problem started off with the symptoms of nearsightedness with different optical refractive errors between two eyes. I had always had to wear eyeglasses otherwise I would not be able to see clearly. I could not see things at distance vision, but I could see near vision just fine. I was suggested by my son that I should pay a visit to ISOPTIK eyeglasses centre. Followed his suggestion, I made a visit and got my eyes and vision examined by the team of experts. The examination was incredibly comprehensive. The whole process was very detail oriented and comprised with a lot of vision test I had never experienced before.

The custom created Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses I received were phenomenal. These eyeglasses are made using the most advanced digital 3D technology. Being a retiree, these eyeglasses bring me to life. The crystal clear vision they deliver make me feel young again. Watching television or looking at art pieces, I can literally see all the fine details with naturally crisp image. One of my favourite hobbits is golfing. With these eyeglasses, I am able to golf better due the sharpness of vision they deliver. I can hit the golf ball with higher precision. They boost up my confidence greatly. My quality of life is much improved. I am very impressed with these eyeglasses.

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses