Pol. Col. Boonsong Jantrisri

Pol. Col. Boonsong Jantrisri
Deput Director – Government Lottery Office

I started to experience vision problem around the age of 50. At that time, I could still see things at distance vision but my near vision was getting blurry.

Realizing that I had a problem with my eyesight, I rushed in to seek advices from the professionals at ISOPTIK. This place is the best of the best optical centre in all aspects. Starting from the very first second I stepped into the boutique, the atmosphere, the warm welcome, and the service were all well-organized. I was astonished by the comprehensiveness of the eye and vision examination. It took a fair amount of time to finish. The staff’s attention to all the details was something I had never encountered at the other optical places. They even have a team of Ophthalmologist at the centre to make sure that all aspects of eye health and vision are truly covered in the examination. That gave me confidence that they would be able to make me the eyeglasses that I needed. When I received the eyeglasses, they really lived up to my expectations. They give naturally crystal clear image at all distances and the great comfort of wearing.

The service offered at ISOPTIK is over the top. I was very impressed with how they treated me the first day I visited. To this day, I am still very impressed with their ongoing service through follow up phone calls. Bobi and his staff take very good care of all customers. This place is extraordinary distinctive to the other optical places. The wearing comfort these Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses deliver is amazing. I even forget that I wear them sometimes because of the lightness and the natural crisp vision they give.

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