Ms. Patra Hansa

Ms. Patra Hansa
Retired Government Officials

Vision is very important to me. Being a government official, work demanded close attention to documents and details. Each task required preciseness and accuracy. When I first encountered my vision problem, I was not quite certain of what I had. I sometimes had to hold things further away in order to read and see better. At other times, I had to keep blinking my eyes trying to see clearer. I finally decided to seek professional advices and get my vision examined.

I had used a couple pairs of eyeglasses made elsewhere prior to my visit to ISOPTIK. As of now, I can honestly say that ISOPTIK’s tailor-made Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses are the best eyeglasses I have ever had. They are custom created using the latest digital 3D technology based on my eye examination and vision test result. I spent very little time to easily adjust to them. I can now fully understand why picking the right place for your eyeglasses matters so much. A good pair of eyeglasses does make a lot of difference!

The after sales service offered is remarkable. I am very impressed with the staff’s care and attention. The first follow up call I received gave me confidence that I had come to the right place to get my eyeglasses made.

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