Ms. Suvimon Lapanun

Ms. Suvimon Lapanun
Business Owner

I started to experience presbyopia at the age of 37. One morning, I noticed the change in my vision as I was about to read newspaper as usual. I had a bit difficulty in reading the texts. Following the incident, I got my first pair of eyeglasses made. That was when my presbyopia was mild. As the problem got worse, I went to get the second pair of eyeglasses made. As I got older, my vision problem has become more complex. It turned out that I had started to experience both myopia and presbyopia. When I got my first pair of progressive eyeglasses made, I had difficulty trying to adjust myself to the eyeglasses. I could not walk up and down the stairs wearing them because of the image distortions the eyeglasses produced.

After hearing about ISOPTIK, I went in for a visit and got my eye and vision examined. I was highly impressed with the examination process. It was very comprehensive and inclusive of various tests. It was conducted using high tech and sophisticated appliances I had never before seen anywhere else. As soon as I received my Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses, I tried them on and I was extremely happy with the visual clarity and wearing comfort the eyeglasses deliver. These eyeglasses are made using the latest digital 3D technology. I can wear them walking up and down the stairs with confidence because they give natural vision without any image distortions. They did not give headaches like my old eyeglasses did. They are truly helpful.

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses