Ms. Pannarat Pattanapitakkul

Ms. Pannarat Pattanapitakkul
Sales Director - Strategic Sectors Enterprise Business – Pantavanij Co., Ltd.

I was diagnosed with presbyopia about five or six years ago. I got a pair of eyeglasses made specially for reading purpose. One day, I came across an article from Bobi while I was reading a magazine. I actually intended to make a visit prior to that, but having read Bobi’s article, I wanted to make a visit even sooner. I wanted to get my child a pair of reading eyeglasses, and I ended up getting a pair for myself as well. Before the visit, I personally never thought of wearing progressive eyeglasses, because I was told by an optician from some optical store that I did not need to wear them.

However, a friend highly recommended progressive eyeglasses because they are more convenient and practical. When I visited ISOPTIK, I explained to Bobi and told him about things that I was looking for in a pair of eyeglasses. I am very delighted that he was able to make me a pair of ultra-progressive eyeglasses that have all the attributes that I wish for. They are extremely distinctive to the old eyeglasses I used to have. They are very light and comfortable. They deliver the quality of vision that I never had wearing the old pair of eyeglasses. What a drastic difference!

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