Ms. Nualchan Juangvanich

Ms. Nualchan Juangvanich
IT Support – US Embassy

My vision problem started with nearsightedness. When I was in class, I could not see anything on the blackboard unless I moved to the very front row of the class. Later on, in addition to nearsightedness, I was also diagnosed with an early stage of farsightedness. The optician suggested that the I did not need eyeglasses for farsightedness at that time. I only used the eyeglasses for nearsightedness. However, it was very inconvenient having to keep putting them on and off all day long to be able to see clearly at different distances.

Being a programmer, I practically spend pretty much most of my day at work on the computer. On some days, I have to spend almost 10 hours looking at the computer screen. I do rely a lot of my eyeglasses as my visual aid at work. The old eyeglasses I had prior to the ones I received from ISOPTIK were not that bad. I guess it is because I have been so used to wearing eyeglasses since I was young. But the second I tried on ISOPTIK’s Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses for the first time, I could instantly feel the superior comfortable wearing and the better quality of vision through them. I was very impressed.

The digital 3D technologically made Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses are worth all the premium price I paid for them. I see it as a good investment that improves my life quality as a whole. As a vigorous book reader and someone whose work is very much involved with computer, these eyeglasses are not at all expensive considering the high quality of vision and life they bring.

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