Ms.Nichapa Kaswasdi

Ms.Nichapa Kaswasdi
Private Company Employee

I started to experience vision problem when I turned 50 years old. I had blurry vision which seriously interrupted my reading and my daily life. It was really frustrating. I was thrilled when I heard about ISOPTIK and Master Bobi. The day I decided to visit, I was highly impressed with the warm welcome I received. Master Bobi was also extraordinary remarkable. I admired him for his devotion and attention to details to all customers. Every one of his customers has to go through the final check of the eyeglasses with him personally. Product checks and quality control have to be verified by him only before the eyeglasses are officially released to the customers. I respect him for his expertise and the kind of person that he is. He truly cares for every single one of his customers.

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