Mr. Nattawut Praasitrattanaporn

Mr. Nattawut Praasitrattanaporn
AP Honda

I found out about my vision problem about 15-16 years ago. I started wearing eyeglasses at age 12. When I heard about ISOPTIK, I was very excited and decided to pay a visit. I was really impressed with the eye examination and vision test. They were very comprehensive. The techniques applied were nothing I had previously experienced. The process was complex and time consuming but I could tell that the examination and test results were going to be very detailed and accurate.

I received the semi progressive eyeglasses that required very little effort from me to adapt to the eyeglasses. The only strange but good feeling at the first time I put them on was that they were super light. I thought they looked really smart on me. Even they were light, they sat tightly on my face. The frame was perfectly fit with my facial and head shape. The wearing comfort was over the top. I was very impressed with my new eyeglasses.

I think the eyes, as organs of human visual system, are one of the most critical organs in human body. I rely on them especially for my work to be accomplished productively and effectively. Therefore, these eyeglasses are worth all the money I paid, for the sake of good quality of vision and the good health of my eyes.

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