Mr. Chanachai Joonjiraporn

Mr. Chanachai Joonjiraporn
Director and Chief Executive Officer - AEC Securities Public Company Limited

I actually had encountered the vision problem of nearsightedness first. After some time of wearing the eyeglasses, I decided to undergo LASIK surgery. That was over ten years ago. However, I can feel that I have experienced a change of vision as I age. I went to get vision test and was told that I had presbyopia. As a result, I had to get another pair of eyeglasses to use when I read or signed business documents. Without them, I felt that it required a lot of effort to force the eyes to focus. I was fed up with the inconvenience of putting on and off the eyeglasses. When I had to give business talk in the hall or auditorium, I would have difficulty trying to make eye contact with participants as I could not see them clearly. When I had to read the notes during the talk, I had to put the eyeglasses back on.

I put up with the problem for a good four to five years until I heard about ISOPTIK, and got my Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses made with Bobi. With these eyeglasses, I can see near, intermediate and distance vision crystal clear with just one pair of eyeglasses.

The eye examination and vision test at ISOPTIK are fairly comprehensive and very thorough. The technique applied is unique. The high technological devices used are those I had never before seen anywhere else. The whole process and the production took quite a while but it was worth the wait. I am very satisfied with my eyeglasses as the visual clarity they deliver make it so much easier for me to enjoy work and every moment of my life. The standard of product and service provided at ISOPTIK makes it worth to invest your money in a good pair of eyeglasses at the place you can reply on for the best quality of vision.

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