Ms. Leong Siew Mui Ethical Sourcing Divisional Manager - Far East Walmart Global Sourcing ( Shenzhen ) Co.Ltd. Age 50 Year

Ms. Leong Siew Mui
Ethical Sourcing Divisional Manager - Far East
Walmart Global Sourcing ( Shenzhen ) Co.Ltd.
Age 50 Year

I started to wear eyeglasses when I was in my junior high school years. In the past, I did not pay much attention to the quality of eyeglasses. I thought they had to be made according to the prescription and they would work just fine.

Soon after, I began to realize the importance of owning a decent pair of eyeglasses when I had to travel to America. I had a new pair of eyeglasses made but they gave me terrible headaches for months. That was when I grasped the logic, poorly made eyeglasses were bad for my eye health and vision.

As I got older, my vision became worse, and I knew that I needed to switch to progressive eyeglasses. I was concerned about this due to my horrible experience I received from the old eyeglasses that I owned.

Luckily, I heard about ISOPTIK from one of my friends, who highly suggested that I visit the place and meet with Bobi. When I finally met him, he was simply amazing. He truly knew what he was doing. I was able to rest assured that I did come to the right place and I was in good hands.

The eyeglasses that I received from Bobi have been working excellently. My eye prescription and vision have stayed stable for the past nine years since the very first day I got these eyeglasses. Having stable vision is the most precious thing in my life especially now that my family has grown larger. It is pure happiness to be able to witness the beauty of life of your offspring’s without any difficulties. Watching them growing up beautifully with the vision that is crystal clear and natural is all I could ever wish for. These eyeglasses fulfill my dream.

I have never had an experience with progressive eyeglasses from other places prior to this, but I can honestly say that I am extremely satisfied with my first pair of progressive eyeglasses from ISOPTIK. The wearing comfort is impressive. I barely had to make any adjustment to them.

The staff at ISOPTIK are highly professional. The service standard is over the top. They thoroughly explain how my vision problems could be solved and the techniques that I should adopt in order to take care of my eye health. The boutique’s atmosphere is very welcoming. The tools and everything else are impeccably sanitized. The warm welcome is also extended to my family who accompany my visit. I just love the sincerity and friendly atmosphere given by all the staff at ISOPTIK. At the other optical places, once you step in, you only get to hear about things that are purposely meant to promote their products. It is a complete contrast at ISOPTIK.

As a person who was fairly new to progressive eyeglasses back then, a comprehensive understanding about eye health and vision as you age is significant. The staff at ISOPTIK made it easy for me to understand the circumstance and what I had to go through. Since then, they have been a great help to maintain good eye health for me, which makes this place so much different from the others that I had ever been to.

There is a situation that one of my friends who lives in China was involved and I feel greatly sorry for her. As she got older, she needed to change her eyeglasses to progressive eyeglasses. She told me she felt light-headed and nauseous after she had her eyeglasses changed. Then, she went back to the optical store where she purchased that new pair of progressive eyeglasses to get help, instead, she had to pay extra to get her eyeglasses modified.

She asked for my advice as she thought she would need to adjust herself to the eyeglasses. I said no! I told her that it should be the other way around. Good eyeglasses would adjust themselves to the wearer. They should support you, not vice versa. They are meant to make your quality of vision and life better. I feel sorry that ISOPTIK does not have a branch in China. I really hope that ISOPTIK would expand the business to China and other countries so that people in other countries would have an access to better vision quality.

“ The customized ultra-progressive eyeglasses made using digital 3D latest technology from ISOPTIK help me tremendously. I can now witness the true beauty of life by watching my offspring growing up with the vision that is crystal clear and natural. It has become clear to me that high quality eyeglasses are really youth reviving! ”

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