Pastor Chee Kang Seng

Pastor Chee Kang Seng
Founder / Apostolic Overseer at LivingStreams Bangkok

About 30 years ago, I was still a college student when I first noticed the symptoms of shortsightedness and astigmatism. When I was 40, the development of the problems as quite rapid. I realized that I needed a visual aid. I thought that the only thing I had to do was to go to an optical store, purchase a pair of progressive eyeglasses, and all my vision problems would be fixed. I was pretty much wrong.

I found it extremely hard to adjust myself to progressive lenses. I struggled so badly adjusting to the lenses’ focus range during the change of far to near distance vision. Close-up vision was also extremely challenging; it demanded a lot of brain power to adjust my eyesight to different points of focus within that same range of close-up distance.

Then, I was suggested and introduced to ISOPTIK : The Hi-End Eyeglasses Centre. The first time I came in for my eye test, I was quite surprised with the system and process of eye examination conducted here. It took a very long time to finish.

However, after going through their eye examination and all testing process, I realized why everything had to be done in a certain way. It is simply because everything was done through customization, according to each customer. At ISOPTIK, customers are truly cared for, and each piece of eyeglasses reflects upon that. Each pair of eyeglasses is specifically crafted for each customer according the individual eye test results and viewing behavior. On top of that, the eyeglasses have to be comfortably fit with each customer’s lifestyles. These are the reasons why they have to know every bit and pieces of each customer’s information. The eyeglasses are made for just one person only.

My experience with The New ISOPTIK Ultra Individual 3D Progressive Eyeglasses is beyond extraordinary. They work amazingly. They wowed me the very first second I put them on. I had no clue how a decent pair of eyeglasses could gracefully support your personality, but now I do! The best thing about these eyeglasses is that I did not have to make any adjustment to them, at all. The vision these eyeglasses give is so smooth and perfect. For me, The New ISOPTIK Ultra Individual 3D Progressive Eyeglasses literally revive my brain power and energy. I am now able to concentrate better at work. These eyeglasses revive my youth!

I just hope that other people who seek to have a good pair of eyeglasses have a chance to discover ISOPTIK like I have, because this is the ultimate place to come to for excellent eyeglasses. ISOPTIK’s staffs are very helpful to customers and their service is greater beyond my expectation. Your life and vision will completely change once you visit ISOPTIK.

For me, Bobi, he is the special one. I like to meet with someone who has a unique ability and professionalism in what they do like Bobi, The New Ultra Individual 3D Progressive eyeglasses Specialist that I have never seen before and when I got a chance to meet with other specialist, I often share that Bobi is The Best of the Best in Eyeglasses Among the World.

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