Mr. Steve Landeck

I have farsightedness, and have been in search of a suitable pair of eyeglasses that would deliver visual clarity at near, intermediate, and far distances with satisfying wearing comfort. Therefore, I have done a lot of searching for the best eyeglasses boutiques and centres. In addition to that, I am very familiar with eyeglasses and lenses, as I myself am also in an eyewear and optical business for almost 40 years. I have quite a network of friends and acquaintances in the same industry.

One day, a resourceful friend in Denmark suggested that I should make a visit to ISOPTIK as they are the best eyeglasses boutique in Bangkok. I followed his advice, and I have become a loyal customer at ISOPTIK since then.

The current pair of lenses I am using is the pair that ISOPTIK custom designed and created for me. I have been using them with joy. They work perfectly. They deliver the highest vision quality not only of the wide angle view but also at near, intermediate, and far distances. I can honestly say that these are the best eyeglasses and lenses I have ever owned.

From my past 40 years of experience, I have been to countless optical places and been exposed to services from a number of the staff from them. Let me tell you, ISOPTIK is the best of the best both in terms of the products and services. Their eye examination is somewhat unique and time consuming, but highly effective. It is conducted using various sophisticated techniques with high technological devices applied. The whole system is extremely technologically advanced, perhaps much more advanced than what I had been through in any other countries. I am very impressed.

Everything here at ISOPTK is of top quality. The products, the services, and the professionalism of their staff. Master Bobi and his team are very dedicated and determined. That all shines through their work and their attention to each customer. I am not surprised why my friend referred to them as the best optical boutique in Bangkok.

As I mentioned about their distinctive service, it is very obvious that ISOPTIK’s staff have been well-trained to give such world-class service to their customers. During the process of eye examination, lenses design, frame selection, and eyeglasses assembling, every staff you encounter with are very knowledgeable and pleasant. That gives me confidence that I am now in good hands. They take great care of me. I am really thankful for their service.

Last but not least, I cannot end my gratitude without mentioning Master Bobi. He is very special and exquisitely talented. I have seen and received services from many optical stores from North America, none of them can be compared to ISOPTIK. I can honestly say that Master Bobi is way above all the other eye experts in terms of his knowledge and proficiency in the making of lens and eyeglasses. I am just glad and honoured that I have a chance to be one of his customers.

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