Dr. Veeranut Rojanaprapa

Dr. Veeranut Rojanaprapa
Academician in Senior Society

I was first diagnosed with shortsightedness. Then, I went to a general optical store to get my vision examined and get my eyeglasses made. However, as I grew older, around six or seven years ago, reading became more difficult. My eyes could not focus and see close up objects as clear as before. I realized then that I also started to develop age-related farsightedness.

I have heard about progressive eyeglasses prior to that so, as soon as I realized the symptoms, I revisited the same optical place to get another pair of progressive eyeglasses made.

The progressive eyeglasses I received were not quite right for me. They did not work as well as I hoped, but I blamed myself and my eyes ability that limited the potential and true power of progressive eyeglasses. Moreover, the eyeglasses technology back in those days was not as developed as today. Therefore, I tried to wear them as much as I could, despite the wearing discomfort and the eyes weariness they caused.

With that pair of eyeglasses, I could spend an hour on reading materials and stopped when I got weary in my eyes. As time went by, I could spend less and less time to read with the eyeglasses on. The tension and fatigue built up in my eyes would make it unbearable for me to keep going. I had to keep adjusting myself to the eyeglasses, and I felt like it was never ending. Later years of wearing that pair of progressive eyeglasses left me in despair and misery.

A little while after that, I heard of Bobi and ISOPTIK from the media. However, I did not think about making a visit right then and there, until last year when I felt like I had enough of the eyeglasses I owned. The slow focusing ability of the lenses started to have an effect on my work. My time spent on work was cut shorter and shorter because of my poor vision. I knew then that I needed to see Bobi. I just could not wait any longer.

After visiting Bobi and ISOPTIK, my life has completely turned around. My customized ultra-progressive eyeglasses made using the latest 3D digital technology are just simply fantastic. It is an awesome feeling to be able to live your life everyday worry free of having poor vision. Now, I can walk, I can drive, I can work, and I can read with just one pair of eyeglasses. The high definition lenses give sharp image and crystal clear vision. Reading is now as much fun as when I was in my adolescence years of age. With these ultra-progressive eyeglasses, I can literally spend hours of reading without any weariness and eye fatigue. Thanks to Bobi and his talent in designing these custom-made lenses, my life is much enjoyable now.

I had to spend quite some time adjusting myself to the new eyeglasses. This is due to the frame that I specifically wanted, which was not matched very well with the lenses designed by Bobi. Realizing that problem later on, I asked Bobi to help with the frame selection. My second pair was just perfect. I did not have to make any adjustment to the eyeglasses at all.

As I previously had a major problem with the slow image focusing ability of the old progressive eyeglasses, these new ones really do live up to my expectations. Wearing the old ones, I blamed my age and the old technology that prevented me from fully utilizing them. I was so wrong. I now understand that I can fully utilize the eyeglasses if they are made using the right technology. I also now apprehend why the eye examination and vision test were so thorough. The accurate results yield precise measurements of lenses design. It is true that our eyesight gets worse as we age, but with the proper and decent pair of eyeglasses, the eyesight problems can be fixed. ISOPTIK makes the eyeglasses that fit perfectly with my lifestyle and my work. Bobi and his staff really know their customers.

I was a bit curious about their detailed eye examination process. I did not understand why advanced examination needs to take place so early in the process of eyeglasses making. When I received an information about the examination and the time it would take, I was confused. However, when the appointment day arrived, I finally came to my senses as to why everything has to take time. Bobi and his staff are very attentive to all little details. Who knows there is a science in eye examination assessment techniques. The process was time-consuming but I was very pleased with the results.

I got so used to the eyeglasses made by ISOPTIK so much that I literally cannot wear eyeglasses made from any other places. I one time accidently broke them so I turned them in to ISOPTIK to get them repaired. During the repair period, I chose to use the old progressive eyeglasses I once had as a substitute. I ended up having such a terrible headache right after I put those old eyeglasses on. I ended up using the reading eyeglasses that came in the package when I purchased my ultra-progressive eyeglasses with ISOPTIK while I was waiting for my eyeglasses to be repaired.

The service offered at ISOPTIK truly marks their great intention to nourish the relationship they have with their customers. The staff sincerity portrays not only their care but also their devotion to improve the customers’ vision and quality of life. I guess they value their customers’ satisfaction more than the total sales figure at ISOPTIK.

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