Mr. Narongrit Kalaput

Mr. Narongrit Kalaput
Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited

I was reaching the age of 30 when I began to have a problem with my vision. Besides work, I was also occupied by study as I was also pursuing my masterís degree. Switching between work by days and study by nights, my eyes were heavily utilized. Being in the class for a prolonged period of time would cause me a major headache because of the reflections off the whiteboards in the classrooms. I went around asking for suggestions from my associates, and was told that I needed to see an ophthalmologist. That was when I decided to have my first pair of eyeglasses made.

A little while after being diagnosed with nearsightedness, I started to have the additional symptoms of farsightedness. I was probably around 38-39 years old. I was abroad at that time. A friend suggested that I tried progressive eyeglasses as they would allow me to see near and far distant objects better. As a business person, I had to meet and talk to a lot of people at work. Wearing single-lens eyeglasses that only fixed farsightedness did not help that much as they only worked for far distance vision. I decided right then that I needed to switch to progressive eyeglasses.

Pantoscopic Tilt Angle measurement aka PTA

The beginning period of switching to progressive eyeglasses was fairly difficult for me. I had to make quite an adjustment to them, especially to the lenses, in order to fine-tune the range of focus of objects at different distances. Consequently, I would at times have headaches during the days. As much as I wanted to be able to wear the them all the time, I could not. I could wear them out and about just fine, but when I had to meet or talk business with other people closely, they would make me feel uncomfortable. I had to end up taking them off during the business conversations.

Despite all the problems they caused, progressive eyeglasses were quite right and proper as my visual aid at that time. They allowed me to see things at near and far distance. Anyhow, they were not as comfortable and convenient as I expected. The side images were quite distorted, so wearing them to play any kind of sports was extremely challenging. I once went golfing with them on. The images and the distance range I saw at the beginning aiming position would totally be different from the images and distance I perceived during my swing. The lens focusing ability was not quick enough to accommodate my movements. The problem also became bothersome when I had to teach or do public speaking. I could not make it smoothly. One minute I had to make eye contacts with the audience, second minute I had to swiftly look down to read my keynotes. It would literally take me a little while to be able to read them before looking up to communicate with the audience again. It was awkwardly inconvenience.

Face Form Angle measurement on customer aka FFA

To my relief, I was introduced to ISOPTIK. What a life-changing opportunity! I got a new pair of progressive eyeglasses made with them and all those annoying problems with the old eyeglasses were completely vanished. The image focusing ability of the lenses is so great that I almost feel like I did not wear any eyeglasses at all. It is a true freedom of visualization. I hardly have to take them off during the day. Moreover, I no longer feel weary in my eyes. This is actually what I had been told since I first came in to ISOPTIK. I was a bit curious if they would be able to deliver their promise, but these ultra-progressive eyeglasses made with 3D digital technology really do the magic! I can honestly say that they really lessen the symptom of brain and eye fatigue. I feel more energetic and active than ever!

In addition to the wearing comfort they offer, these eyeglasses never demand that I make any adjustment to them. ISOPTIKís eyeglasses are by far the finest I have ever experienced. The high definition lenses offer satisfying speed of focus change at all angles and distances. I can now practically see everything at all distances under any condition of lighting. The convenience these eyeglasses bring allows me to be able to wear them literally all the time.

The techniques applied in the eye examination process are also worth mentioning as they are something I have never encountered before at the other optical stores. The staff are highly professional and well trained. Everything is conducted very thoroughly. The vision test and examination also take the customerís lifestyle into account so that the finished eyeglasses are the best fit for each customer.

The first day I walked into ISOPTIK centre, I could just tell that they were not just an ordinary optical boutique. The warm welcome I received from each of the staff is priceless. They all are an expert in their roles. They were inquisitive to find out what my concerns were so that they could best cater to my needs and expectations.

I was extremely impressed with the lenses and eyeglasses making process. Each step of the making is done with detailed and supreme analytical skills. This is an approval to me that ISOPTIK is tried to truly understand their customers so that they can deliver the best product and service that would improve not only their customersí vision but also their overall quality of living.

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