Ms.Sutthaphurinee Jittaviriya

Ms. Sutthaphurinee Jittaviriya

I remembered that I had a vision problem since I was very young. I was probably in grade 5. Back then, everyone in my family had eyeglasses. Being a kid, I was playing around by taking one of the pairs of eyeglasses I found at home and wore them to school. Later on, I started to notice that I actually did have a vision change. I was not sure of the symptoms but it was for sure that I could not see the blackboard very clearly anymore. I told my parents but they thought I was joking around. As I insisted, they took me to an optical place near our house and found out that I had quite a severe symptoms shortsightedness. Both eyes were equally shortsighted. I guess I was lucky enough I was not diagnosed with astigmatism.

Having to wear eyeglasses at early age did cause me a lot of problems. Diagnosed with severe shortsightedness, I was left with no choice but to wear the eyeglasses with thick and heavy lenses. They gave me headaches due to its weight and hard pressing on my nose. The tightness of the temples also made me feel painfully uncomfortable. It was indeed a miserable experience for a student who had to go through serious study and examinations under that condition.

At some point, I also considered getting a laser treatment as I got so tired of wearing eyeglasses. After going through a thorough eye and vision examination, I had a change of mind. Researches revealed that there was a high risk of getting the undesirable side effects from eye laser treatment. Therefore, I chose to keep on wearing eyeglasses. I did a lot of reading and came across an article about ISOPTIK, and I decided to give them try.

Anyhow, prior to coming in to ISOPTIK, I have heard a lot of bad experiences with progressive eyeglasses from my brother and my colleagues. Most of them said the adjustment period was horrifying. They also said that progressive eyeglasses give headaches. The decision to try progressive eyeglasses was very challenging to me as I had bad experience with ordinary eyeglasses previously. I did not want to go through that painful experience again.

However, I am glad I did overcome my fear and took on the challenge of wearing progressive eyeglasses made by ISOPTIK. They are highly practical. They did not demand a lot of adjustment. I actually did prepare myself to make adjustment to the lenses and the eyeglasses frame so, I was very surprised with the way these eyeglasses worked out for me. I did not get any eye fatigue like the old eyeglasses used to give. The wearing is so comfortable that I feel as if the eyeglasses were actually integrated into my eyes.

The eye examination and vision test at ISOPTIK are thoroughly conducted with great care and attention from their staff. Even after I collected my eyeglasses, the staff had to recheck and reexamine everything to reassure that the eyeglasses frame fit perfectly with the shape of my face, and that the position of the lenses is perfectly located. Now, I completely understand why they have to be so detailed-oriented. They make these eyeglasses so that these eyeglasses can become the actual “eyes” for me.

I also had heard about progressive eyeglasses giving flashing images and side image distortions. I have never had encountered any of them with my ultra-progressive eyeglasses from ISOPTIK. I am just happy my eyeglasses do not give those effects. It feels like I have been given a new set of eyes that is shielded from any eye tension or fatigue.

I am especially impressed with the after sales service provided by ISOPTIK. I had once accidentally got the frame deformed. I brought my eyeglasses in to seek some advice. They helped with every way they could but the frame could not be repaired. They replaced it with the new one. This is the kind of service that is not offered elsewhere.

The staff’s attention customers here at ISOPTIK is unbelievable. From the very first step of the eye examination to the final step of collecting the eyeglasses, I was offered the first class treatment. As I mentioned, the final checking reassured that I received the top quality eyeglasses that would deliver the utmost wearing comfort and crystal clear vision at all distances. To make sure that I stay satisfied with my eyeglasses, they also set up a system of phone call to follow up with me regularly. How could I not be loyal them? They are just so great!

I opted to purchase a package that includes one pair of progressive eyeglasses and another pair of reading eyeglasses. Both of them work very well. I sometimes wear them alternatively depending on the circumstances. I literally cannot live without them now.

I have been asked about the price I paid for my eyeglasses, of course they were not cheap. However, the logic lies beneath the fact. If you ask me why I am willing to pay this much for these eyeglasses, my answer is very simple, it is because I get what I expect, and my satisfaction is beyond my expectation. I had difficult times with my vision since I was little, which is probably why I now treasure having the top quality of vision so much. The wearing comfort and the crystal clear vision these eyeglasses provide are incomparable to the price I have paid for them.

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