Associate Professor Suchart Areemit

Associate Professor Suchart Areemit
Pediatric surgeons , Srinagarind Hospital , the Faculty of Medicine , Khon Kaen University

My vision problem started when I was 40 years old. I had blurred vision which made it very difficult for me to work and perform surgery. I went to see an eye doctor and he suggested that I wore eyeglasses. That was when I had my first pair of progressive eyeglasses made. It took me about two months to get used to them. Whenever I had to see things at both near and far distance at the same time , I would get heavily dizziness. It was very annoying.

CVD measurement

After being introduced to ISOPTIK and having used their individualized ultra - progressive eyeglasses made using the advanced technology , the comfort of wearing eyeglasses could never get any better. The eyeglasses deliver the crystal clear vision , and give highest wearing comfort. It feels as if these eyeglasses are integrated into my eyes. They are just that comfortable!

The previous eyeglasses always gave me a difficulty when I had to drive. With these new eyeglasses , driving is so easy. The lenses fast - focus ability also allows me to make precise judgement in estimating the distance of the objects on the road. Work - wise , these eyeglasses help me so much when I have to perform surgeries. The crystal clear vision aids so much in providing precise measurements for me to perform surgeries.

Face Form Angle measurement on customer aka FFA

I am incredibly thankful for everything ISOPTIK has to offer. The eye examination and vision test were immensely thorough and unique. The techniques used are unlike those that I have experienced. The process does take a lot of time but the result is well worth all your time and money.

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