Mr. Somchai Laosaichua

Mr. Somchai Laosaichua
President of Toyota Deeyiam Co., Ltd.

I encountered a vision problem around age of 30. The first pair of eyeglasses I owned gave me a lot of trouble and headaches. Nothing about those eyeglasses was right. They were not light enough , they did not give enough clarity , and they were extremely uncomfortable. I am an avid badminton player. Playing badminton with those eyeglasses on was miserable due to the their slow focusing ability. Later on , I opted for my first pair of progressive eyeglasses. It took me almost a week to get myself adjusted to them. Still, they were not as good as I hoped them to be. They gave me flashing images especially when walking up and down the stairs. My confidence level was going downhill.

Pantoscopic Tilt Angle measurement aka PTA

Nevertheless , after a complete adjustment period , I felt more comfortable with them. They did not live up to my expectation , but they worked alright.

Now that I am reaching 62 , I am starting to feel inactive. It is almost like every part of my body is slowing down.

To my delight , I was introduced to ISOPIK , and experiencing their 3D digital ultra - progressive eyeglasses has completely turned the table for me. ISOPTIK’s individualized eyeglasses give the most natural and crystal clear vision I had never had in a long time. Everything just fits perfectly thanks to Master Bobi’s excellent lenses design. The frame is very light. The eyeglasses fit perfectly on my face. I now feel more confident than ever doing all sorts of activities with these eyeglasses on.

Face Form Angle measurement on customer aka FFA

ISOPTIK does not only make the finest eyeglasses, they also provide the best service. Their staff are exceptional. You can just tell how well trained they have been since the very first time you make a visit. The follow up program makes me feel assertive that I have come to the right place to get my vision taken care of.

Eyes are very important. Prior to this, I thought that I would retire, sit back, and do nothing once I turn 60 years old. These ultra - progressive eyeglasses , however had my mind changed. With them , I feel younger and more alive. I am 100% satisfied with my eyeglasses and my life at the moment!

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