Mr. Somchai Laosaichua

Mr. Somchai Laosaichua
President of Toyota Deeyiam Co., Ltd.

“ The time I got ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses, everything is so natural like when I was young one again ”

“ I'm 66 years old. I started having problems with my eyesight at the age of 30.
I wore a lot of eyeglasses and can’t find any comfortable at all. Obstacle always there including the eyeglasses is too heavy, not clear vision especially when I play Badminton. The focus is too slow.

Dozens of progressive eyeglasses over many decades are not comfortable to wear at all. I always saw distortion on the side made difficult to walk up or down the stair even doing other activities, I felt doubtful. I felt everything is sluggish.

But with Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses from ISOPTIK, everything seems very natural, lightweight and completely tight. I don't have to move the eyeglasses position at all bring me back the confident in playing sports like I was young once again. Their service serves me very excellent.

I think the eyes are very important organs. In the past, I think that when I aged 60, I will be retired and will not doing anything again. But with progressive eyeglasses from ISOPTIK, recall me back to my younger age, increasing my power, refreshed, energetic all time. I can to a lot of things more with less fatigue but more convenient. I am 100% impressed. ”

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses