Police Colonel Taweerat Sritawatpong

Police Colonel Taweerat Sritawatpong
Deputy Commander , Bueng Kan Provincial Police

It was not until four or five years ago when I began to experience my vision problem. I could not see clearly at near distance. Reading became very difficult. At work , reading and signing papers also became problematic. Therefore , I went to get my vision examined , and got my first pair of eyeglasses made. After having a hard time trying to adjust myself to the lenses and being fed up with unfitted frame , I switched to progressive eyeglasses. I spent quite some time to get myself adjusted to the new eyeglasses. Although they worked quite alright at first , still , I was not able to wear them at all times. I had to take eye rests in between the papers signing session by taking them off , then put them back on to continue. It was fairly inconvenient.

CVD measurement

After a while , I had a chance to come to ISOPTIK and got my personal 3D digital ultra - progressive eyeglasses made using the latest technology in eyeglasses industry. I remember the first feeling of wearing these eyeglasses. It was miracle to regain the vision I used to have when I was in my younger. The wearing comfort made me feel as if I did not wear any eyeglasses. I could use my eyes freely without having to adjust my eyes in order to see things at different distance. They do not give any peripheral distortions like my previous eyeglasses did. They really deliver the finest clarity at every angle. The fitted frame is also accountable for the wearing comfort. Thanks to Master Bobi’s lenses and frame design , the eyeglasses genuinely live up to all my expectations. The eyeglasses are now my must - have item that I cannot live without. Adjustment was barely needed. The eyeglasses deliver crystal clear vision both at day time and night time. One of the problems I had with previous eyeglasses was using them while driving especially at night time. These ultra - progressive eyeglasses made all the worries while driving go away. The distance estimation is much easier. I am absolutely happy with them.

Face Form Angle measurement on customer aka FFA

I would also like to mention their detailed and eye examination process. It is conducted with great care and it was done very thoroughly. The results yield precise measurements for the making of my eyeglasses. The lenses and the frame were carefully designed so that the eyeglasses fit perfectly with the shape of my face. Trust me , what you receive would be worth all those three hours Master Bobi and his staff worked with you. It was time - consuming but it was meant to be , these are individualized eyeglasses. They are custom - made for each individual.

Pantoscopic Tilt Angle measurement aka PTA

I would also like to point out ISOPTIK’s first class after sales service. Their follow up phone calls include a lot of questions to make sure you feel satisfied with the eyeglasses and the vision that they deliver. They truly stand out from the others. I give all the credits to Master Bobi and his attentive staff. Master Bobi is very detail - oriented and talented. I cannot thank him enough for giving me this miracle pair of eyeglasses. They are truly exceptional!

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