Police Colonel Taweerat Sritawatpong

Police Colonel Taweerat Sritawatpong
Deputy Commander , Bueng Kan Provincial Police

ď With ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses, I consider it valuable since it fit with you alone and only. I canít live without it.Ē

" I am 61 years old. My wife is an ophthalmologist. I had eye problems since the age of 40.
Starting from a near distance, it's not clear. I have to signed a lot in my work and making it difficult to look at documents therefore making progressive eyeglasses to see thing clearly at every distance but find out that it is very difficult to adapt to use, uncomfortable to wear, tired eyes. The night is even worse. It's not convenient to use. I often have to take off my eyeglasses to rest my eyes. So, I only wear it when I want to look at near distance.

After switching to ISOPTIK Digital 3D Smart Individual Progressive Eyeglasses, the result is miracle. I no longer need to adapt anymore like I didnít wear any eyeglasses. I can use my eyes freely like when I was young. It is clear, sharp, excellent both in the day or the night. I donít have to shake my eyes to find the focus. I can see clearly while I walk. No floating, no dented areas or bulge floor.

Estimated the distance between stairs when you walk up or down accurately. Walking on the inclined floor like I use normal eyes. It is considered the be a high quality of eyeglasses that
fit on your face no matter how you bend, turn down, turn left, turn right, it doesn't bounce and
go anywhere. Quite pleasant. You can clearly see every distance in split second whether it is
far or near without having to adjust our eyes up and down, always comfortable to wear all the

Whether wearing during the day or night, it's clear like a person without symptoms.
For the old one, it's better to use during the day and quite not good in the night especially driving. I must see a car, see a people who may come to cut through in the front of my car or even came into my way in any moment whether far or near.
So, I never go back to wearing my old eyeglasses again ever.

I will say that the eye examinations are very detailed. Beginning with the optometry for half an hour. Come out and have an optician to check around half an hour, I think it's not just an hour that has passed because Grandmaster Bobi will have to check the processes again. In fact, before Grandmaster Bobi came, he lets other optician measure overall eyeglasses to make them fit especially my face temple from my eyes to my ears also take a measurement. When first and second optician are done, the third optician Grandmaster Bobi check in again took around 3 hours.

That day I was examined, it was a very long time about 3 hours. So, it was something like, oh! why they are so very detail. It really takes a lot of time, but it's worth the eyeglasses that we need to use all the time. I consider it valuable. because it fits us alone It suits us very well and we can't live without it. So, I don't want to take it off anywhere. I put it on all the time which I quite addicted to this eyeglasses.

The after sales service from ISOPTIK is very good.
There was a phone call asking the result of how thing going with the eyeglasses.
Is there a problem? There is a good inquiry service. Considered to be interested in customers after the product has been sold and considered to be the highlight of this place.

I think ISOPTIK's eyeglasses are amazing because Grandmaster Bobi is the one who
very detailed. Look at the eyeglasses again and again to measure every correctly therefore it is individually for each person and nothing more resolution like this ever.
I have to thank ISOPTIK for making such a wonderful eyeglasses."

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