Mr. Jarin Jakkapak

Mr. Jarin Jakkapak
Department of Local Administration Director - General

At 17 years old , I was diagnosed with nearsightedness , and got my first eyeglasses made in order to correct my nearsightedness. I have been an eyeglasses wearer for over 20 years after that. However , a couple years after I reached the age of 40 , an age - related vision problem began. My complicated eyesight problem started to bother me and my life , and I realized that I needed a new prescription for my eyeglasses.

After receiving my first pair of progressive eyeglasses , I had to spend about three to four months to adapt myself to them. I did not wear them all the time but using them was necessary. I needed to use them at least an hour a day. I tolerated the discomfort of wearing them. Anyhow , the worst problem they brought was using them while driving , because the peripheral distortion was so horrible that I could not glance any other direction outside the lenses.

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At some point , even though I felt like I was able to adapt to the eyeglasses , they still failed to deliver the comfortable vision I used to have. I guess it was unavoidable that the degree of vision problem became higher as I got older. Moreover , wearing those eyeglasses for a prolonged period of time badly strained my eyes. The eye - strain sometimes was accompanied by nausea. I felt desperate , and kept blaming aging that caused me all these vision miseries.

Luckily , I had a chance to visit ISOPTIK one day , and got my ultra - progressive eyeglasses custom made for me personally. These eyeglasses are sophisticatedly made using the latest 3D digital technology. They give me higher level of comfort and agility as they provide sharp images at all distance naturally. It was almost unnecessary for me to adapt to them the first time I had them on. More importantly , these eyeglasses never give me an eye - strain I used to get from my old eyeglasses. They provide the natural and crystal clear vision at any distance without requiring any focus adjustment. They work amazingly for me at any time and anywhere. Since they give the vision that is so natural , I can practically wear them at all time. Walking up and down the stairs with my eyeglasses on is not a problem anymore. The headache and dizziness are no longer visit. I am so glad with these eyeglasses from ISOPTIK.

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In addition to that , the side distortion never occurs with these ultra - progressive eyeglasses. Wearing them feels so comfortable that I almost feel like I do not wear any eyeglasses. I give all the credits to ISOPTIK’s team and staff for their superb attention to details in designing and making these eyeglasses for me. I could sense their integrity and thoughtfulness from the very first step of the eye examination. With their first - class customer service , I was certain that they would be able to give me the best eyeglasses. They did not disappoint me at all. Eyeglasses wearing has never made me this content!

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I personally view ISOPTIK’s first - class customer service as one of their strengths. Once I stepped in to the boutique , all the staff were very attentive. Their service - mind was beyond my expectation. I was highly impressed and confident that I did make the right choice of selecting them as my eyeglasses maker. I was convinced that they would provide the highest quality of product as much as they provided me the highest quality of service. Once I went through the thorough eye examination process , I was assured of my thought even more. I give them all my thumbs up , and thank them whole heartedly for making me one of their happy customers by giving me the finest quality of vision and service.

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