Mr. Isara Koyvanich

Mr. Isara Koyvanich
Assistant to Vice President - NEC Corporation (Thailand)

I started to experience nearsightedness at around the age of 11. Growing up with nearsightedness was not much of a problem until I went to graduate school for my Masterís Degree in Administration. I had to do a lot of readings during my study, which made me realize then that my eyesight problem was bad. I could not see and read things clearly. I teared up when I had to gaze at the reading materials. I needed a good pair of eyeglasses.

At first, I went to some general optical place nearby to get a proper pair of eyeglasses made in order to fix my problem. However, I had so much trouble adjusting to them. I did not understand that I did not only have nearsightedness, but also farsightedness that came with my age. I tried changing my eyeglasses and opted the wider lenses frame. Still, they did not help at all.

Then one day, I saw an article about ISOPTIK in a magazine, so I searched for more information and decided to make a visit.

To my delight, ISOPTIK is by far the best optical place I have ever been to. I am glad I made my decision to visit them. They certainly stand out from the others in terms of the service and the process of eye examination and vision test. Other places would just give you the vision test and lenses trial, ISOPTIK does more by giving you the test on your eyes muscle, eyes focusing ability, and lenses trial at all distances. The sophisticated and complex process ensures that you obtain the best lenses and frame types for your best vision and facial shape.

I finally got my first pair of The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses from ISOPTIK and they helped me greatly with my vision. I can now see and read clearly from all distance. The eyeglasses also make me look smarter as I no longer have to look down or above the lenses to see objects from different distances. They improve both my vision and life quality!

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