Dr. Wichai Satimai

Dr. Wichai Satimai
(Medical Officer Advisory Level) Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health Thailand

I had previously been blessed with a healthy and well eyesight until I reached the age of 42-43, which was when I started to experience nearsightedness for the first time in my life. I resisted wearing eyeglasses at first because I thought that they would make me look old and uncool. I tried holding the reading materials further away so that I could read better, but still, I had to gaze harder to read. As much as I tried to resist, I realized then, that it was time I needed eyeglasses.

I knew that people at my age would start to have a problem with farsightedness as well, so I decided to opt for progressive lenses eyeglasses. Wearing progressive eyeglasses was new to my experience so the wearing was extremely awkward and the feeling was weirdly unnatural. Therefore, I only wore them when I needed to. Keeping taking them on and off, I often lost my eyeglasses at various places. As a result, I had to own several pairs, one to use at home, one to use at work, and one to use when I drove.

One day, I had a chance to visit ISOPTIK and decided to get my eyeglasses made with them. I was very impressed with the intricacy and thoroughness of eye examination and vision test.

PTA measurement

I finally got my eyeglasses and it merely took me three to four days to get used to them. They literally give comfortable wearing and clear vision at every angle of the usage including walking up and down the steps. Peripheral images are not at all distorted. These customized eyeglasses made using the latest technology are outstanding and very distinctive to all my previous eyeglasses. They come with the finest quality. The lightness and the clear lenses give the utmost natural feeling, so much that I can practically wear my eyeglasses on at all time. The comfortable wearing is so great that I feel as if these eyeglasses are integrated into my eyes.

Traveling aboard with just one pair of eyeglasses is now possible for me. They certainly helped me to get adjusted to new environments faster and better. My life quality has been much improved. I have been very pleased and proud getting nice comments about how good I look having these eyeglasses on. They give me the confidence that I need. Work life quality has never been this good now that I feel fully empowered and energetic!

Dr. Wichai Satimai and Master Bobi

The service I received from ISOPTIK is by far the best I have ever experienced. Whether it is the lens scratches or vision change, I can always count on ISOPTIK to help fix the problems without any extra charges. The impression goes beyond words. ISOPTIK staff regularly phone me up to ensure that I stay satisfied with my eyeglasses. They genuinely are responsible eyeglasses maker.

Eyes are one of the most significant organs to me. They are the first organ in your body to react to your surroundings. Having poor vision quality can weaken your judging ability. This becomes so important especially in the situation where you require to act fast with the best judgement and decision. It is normal for people age 40 and above to experience an eyesight problem. Should you need to wear eyeglasses, do invest in a good pair. That is my ultimate recommendation to everyone for the best work and life quality.

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