Dr. Chaiwut Gamonpilas

Dr. Chaiwut Gamonpilas
Senior Researcher - National Metal and Materials Technology Centre

When I first encountered my eyesight problem, I went to get my eyeglasses made from some general optical store, and used them for about four to five years, until a friend highly suggested that I come to ISOPTIK and see what they had to offer.

PTA measurement

I made my first visit to ISOPTIK when I was about 31 years old. My first pair of eyeglasses from ISOPTIK was not progressive eyeglasses. Then, two years later, I went back in to get my eyes and vision tested. It turned out that my nearsightedness progressed and became fairly complicated as the development of nearsightedness in both eyes are not equal. Therefore, Bobi suggested that I switched to progressive lens eyeglasses.

The price for lenses that I selected back then was relatively reasonable. I did not have to spend much time to get myself adjusted to my new eyeglasses. They provided both the comfort wearing and clear vision at all distance. Another two years later, I went back in for vision test and found that my eyesight remained stable. That situation makes me realize that high quality lenses really do provide distinctive advantage for my eyesight.

Face Form Angle measurement on customer aka FFA

Since all the frustrations of wearing discomfort and poor vision disappeared, I can honestly say that my quality of life is much enriched as I can now enjoy my life much better than the past when I still used my old eyeglasses.

I also would like to extend my gratitude to Bobi and his staff for the excellent service and thoroughness of the eye examination. Everything is operated under great care and attention. Eyes and vision are significant. If you have the capacity to invest, invest in something that will prolong the health of your eyes and good vision. Trust me, your investment will be worthwhile.

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