Ms. Chantanee Wongsirisuwan

Ms. Chantanee Wongsirisuwan

I began to develop nearsightedness around the age of 15. I was quite concerned especially during night time driving as I could not see things on the road very clearly. I started wearing eyeglasses since then.

My struggle with progressive eyeglasses has been an ongoing problem. I could not find the right eyeglasses that deliver the comfortable wearing that I needed. The ones I previously owned gave me an eye strain. I had to frequently take them off to rest my eyes, which was very inconvenient.

I decided to make a visit after running across ISOPTIK in various media and newspapers. I am glad I made that decision. The service and the eyeglasses I received from ISOPTIK are by far the best I have ever encountered. The eyeglasses wearing is so comfortable that I can basically have my eyeglasses on all the time.

It is absolutely worth investing in good quality eyeglasses. Expensiveness is the term I use for things that are not worth the money I pay for. To me, investing in these eyeglasses and achieving this crystal clear vision are totally worth all the money I have paid for.

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