Professor Metha Kriengparinyakit

Professor Metha Kriengparinyakit

My nearsightedness condition developed when I was in sixth grade, which was when I started wearing eyeglasses. The condition was mild but it did have a negative effect on me and my lifestyles. I practically could not live without my eyeglasses. I would refuse to get out and about without them.

In the past, I did not put so much emphasis on eyeglasses. Most of the eyeglasses I owned were generic, they were the ones that could be found at any optical stores. Once the ones I used got broken, I replaced them by getting another pair made from an optical store that I could easily find. It was not such a big problem for me back then since I did not pay much attention to the eyeglasses and what they could deliver.

Until one day, I decided to come to ISOPTIK. I personally knew Bobi and heard of his extraordinary expertise in eye examination for The ISOPTIK Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses. At that time, I was about to replace my seven years old eyeglasses. I was told that my eyesight and vision problem had become more complex. So, I was certain that Bobi was the one I could count on.

Face Form Angle measurement on customer aka FFA

ISOPTIK has an exceptional environment and atmosphere that welcomes all customers. The staff and equipment used indicate the professionalism that they are committed to providing the best product and service to customers. They are certainly distinctive from the others. They conduct a very intensive and in-depth eye vision examination that I had never before experienced from anywhere else. Bobi never once overrates his world-class expertise and delivery of his finest eyeglasses to his customers. He really is a genius.

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It took me less than 24 hours to get myself adjusted to the eyeglasses I received from Bobi. After being able to adjust to them completely, the vision they gave was perfectly clear. I got accustomed to them quickly. I never realized the difference between them and the old pair of eyeglasses, until one day, I left my ISOPTIK’s eyeglasses at home, so I had to switch to the old pair I had with me. It turned out that I could not bear with them at all!

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Besides Bobi’s expertise and the top quality eyeglasses, the well-trained staff and their service mind are incredible. They pay great attention to customers’ needs and cater to all customers’ requests. I am very impressed at how responsive they are whenever I have inquiries regarding my eye health or eyeglasses. This place is really remarkable.

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