Dr. Wuttichai Wongwanich

Dr. Wuttichai Wongwanich
Dermatologist ľ Wuttichai Clinic

I started having signs of nearsightedness when I was in secondary school. At younger age, I tended to adapt to the eyeglasses just fine. However, my vision problem became more complicated as I grew older. I went to a general optical store to get progressive eyeglasses made, but they did not work very well. I found it very hard to adjust to them. Moreover, they did not deliver the vision clarity that I needed. The eyeglasses also brought headaches at that time. Store after store, I was desperately in need of the right pair of progressive eyeglasses.

After searching for the information on internet, I came across ISOPTIK. I decided to make a visit. This place certainly distinguishes itself not just by the atmosphere, but also the examination of the eye and vision for customers. By far, ISOPTIK conducts the most comprehensive eye examination compared to the other optical places I have ever been to.

PTA measurement

Right after receiving my ultra individual digital 3 D progressive eyeglasses made using the latest technology from ISOPTIK, I spontaneously felt the difference between them and the old progressive eyeglasses I had used. It took me less than a day to get myself adjusted to them. Work-wise, I feel more energetic and productive. The eyeglasses never left me any symptoms of headaches or dizziness. I sometimes forget that I have my eyeglasses on, they are just that comfortable.

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The ISOPTIK New Ultra Individual Digital 3 D Progressive Eyeglasses vs old technology progressive eyeglasses